Memory Loss: 5 Reasons You May Be Suffering To Recall Info

5 Reasons You May Be Suffering With Memory Loss

Why do I struggle with memory loss? The brain is a very sensitive and fine-tuned mechanism it is stimulated by a network of neurons and hormones, sadly everyday life can throw the brain’s processes ‘out of whack’ very quickly.

This disruption in the brain’s natural functioning soon become evident manifesting in actions such as forgetfulness, memory loss and a lack of concentration, leaving you as an individual feeling stressed, despondent and unable to function normally.


Here are 5 reasons why you may be experiencing memory loss:

1. Medication: – A lot of prescription and over the counter medications have this effect on the brain with extended use, two examples are: Anti-histamines and Anti-depressants.

2. Alcohol, Tobacco and drug use are addictive and mind-altering substances with both short and long term effects on the brain.

3. Sleep Deprivation: A lack of sleep makes it difficult to collect and retrieve information from the fatigued brain.

4. Depression and stress: These emotional triggers make it very difficult to pay attention and focus, which can often lead to memory loss.

5. Nutritional deficiency: Good nutrition is vital for the brain. Because good protein and fat intake are vital for increased functioning of the brain.


Brain training and improving memory loss

Assessments provide validated and highly reliable information. As a result, they can help to identify symptoms and through training optimise the brain’s performance.

Brain training develops people through unique neuro-feedback training, making use of cutting edge brain profile assessments. These assessments are specifically designed for you and are tailored to your individual needs. This process facilitates a treatment specifically designed for you. exercises to assist you in achieving what is needed for your unique brain.

Brain training means getting both you and your memory back on track. As a result, it restores agility to your brain and helps you to regain focus.


Become the best you that only you can be!


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