Mouth Ageing: Innovative Treatments For a Happier Face

Mouth Ageing: Innovative Treatments For a Happier Face

Rejuvenating the lower part of the face has more benefits than simply younger-looking skin. Imagine feeling happy with life, but your expression means looking less than pleased. We’re talking mouth ageing! As we fly through the months and years, our muscle movements create issues like marionette lines. Sagging skin caused by a loss of collagen and elastin is also to blame. And who wants to walk around with a frown when life may very well be the opposite? It’s the same with a downturned mouth. Deep, stubborn wrinkles draw your pout down, and even if you’re not in a grumpy mood, ageing is saying otherwise.


Need smoothness and lift? There’s a new kid on the block, and it’s a treatment that’s all about making you smile again.


A Happier Face: A Specialised Technique For Re-Gained Youth

The beauty of modern, innovative medical aesthetic treatments is their ability to focus on a particular area of concern. And treat skin challenges with extreme expertise. When de-ageing lips, it’s vital to consider their fragility. These are sensitive babies. One of the thinnest layers of skin on the body, how the treatment is done, is the difference between beautiful results and not reaching your goals. The Happy Face Treatment uses a distinct technique to fix marionette lines and a drooping mouth. This means an expert medical doctor inserts a cannula (small blunt needle) at a tiny single entry point.


The reason for this method is that it allows dermal volumisers to move through and fill the lip area better. And yes – before you ask – a numbing injection starts this procedure. Once the dermal volumiser has hit your pout, your lips are smoothed, and the corners of your mouth are lifted. Basically, hello, happy face!


Mouth De-Ageing and More: Other Gains of The Happy Face

From the instrument used in the Happy Face treatment to recovery time, the risk-to-reward ratio is a great one. A cannula is the right tool for the job as it avoids damaging any blood vessels or nerves. Did you know that your lips have more than a million nerve endings? That’s why it’s such a touchy-feely area of the face. And so how this treatment is performed – and by whom – is crucial. Another benefit is that there’s minimal pain or downtime. What to expect post-therapy? Side effects don’t mean you have to hide all red and swollen at home. You may be in for some discomfort and bruising for a few days. Otherwise, it’s business as usual once you’re ready to show off your pretty pout.


Turn back the clock on collagen loss and wrinkles that have upset your smile—and your mood. Zone in on the issue and treat your frown with rejuvenating treatment to soften those marionette lines beautifully and lift your lip corners once more. It’s time to smile again.



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