Volumisers: Their Fabulous Forms & How They Work

Volumisers: Their Fabulous Forms & How They Work

Remember the days we spent extra time making our lips look fuller with lip pencils, well, step aside because volumisers are here to stay? Dermal volumisers create the perfect balanced pout meaning you never having to worry if your matching shade of pencil will still be around. And with these types of injectables, lip plumping is just the start of the beauty gains. Modern non-invasive procedures can now stimulate the slow-release and rebuilding of vital collagen and elastin for healthier and more youthful skin. Your skin becomes more robust, tighter, plumper and adequately hydrated. In other words, filler gives you loads of benefits. And these days, loads of choice! 

Volumisers What Does Your Skin Need?

Treatments that help to restructure, resurface and sculpt skin again can all be done with fabulous fillers. But, first, you need to think about your skin’s needs. Does your skin need re-plumping, for instance? Here a dermal volumiser that can give fullness back to your chin, lips and cheeks means a solution for skin that’s dense and plump once more. It’s also a targeted treatment. As, too is a filler that focuses on filling spaces. And we’re not talking literal holes in your face. Unfortunately, our skins tend to sink in or hollow as we age. Looked at your eye area lately and noticed under-eye hollows? The same can sometimes be said for volume loss in the forehead. Before you spend too long staring in the mirror, think of it this way: prevention is always better than cure. And for that, you can still treat with a targeting filler and create more collagen for skin restructuring. Now, say hello to bio-stimulation and more! 

Inside Out: How New-Age Injectables Restructure, Resurface and Sculpt

Another fabulous thing about volumisers is that one doesn’t replace another. So, if you’re happy with your current dermal volumising routine, you don’t have to stop. And you can add new-age injectables to your treatment plan. From Sculptra to Profhilo™ Bio-Remodelling your medical aesthetic professional will help guide you through creating the firm and smooth skin you crave. With the latest intelligent ingredient blends, your face is literally fed with what it needs to kickstart a powerful youth overhaul. “But I get that all from my collagen blended smoothie”, you’re thinking. With treatments like Sculptra, collagen is bio-stimulated. This means the skin, in its deepest layers where you need it most, gets what it needs to rebuild. Think of it as a wake-up call. Your skin’s collagen production gets switched on, and over time you’ll see smoothness and skin tightening. 

Are you excited about your injectable skin journey? Good! Whether you need bio-remodelling and its hyaluronic acid superpowers for a full face skin rejuvenation or finally want to fill in a specific deep wrinkle – or both – injectables will help turn time. And the more you know about the latest options (like the difference between bio-stimulation vs bio-remodelling), the more excited you’ll get. Here’s to strong and sensational skin!


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