The Laser Edit: A Guide To Long-Pulsed VS Short Pulsed Lasers

The Laser Edit: A Guide To Long-Pulsed VS Short Pulsed Lasers

Medical aesthetics needs no convincing. These non-to-minimally invasive procedures are getting more and more liked as technology levels up. Lasers have always been part of the conversation, but like anything with a choice, some deep diving is required, enter the laser edit. Happy is the skin that undergoes the laser treatment that’s not only right for its condition, but also its type and tone. With the fantastic results that lasers can produce, understanding what they can do for your complexion means acing your treatment sessions.


Long-Pulsed Laser: A Guide to Targeted Treatment

Overall, this type of laser-like Long Pulsed ND: Yag – targets very specific conditions. To do this, skin tissue is honed in on and destroyed. So the condition (like skin tags, warts and even spider veins) is dealt with effectively. Sounds serious? Well, it’s meant to be. For larger areas, longer pulse durations are needed to heat the skin tissue being aimed at properly. Make sense? But know that while it may not sound all fun and games, an expert medical aesthetics professional will guide you through this treatment. But remember to properly prepare your skin.


Post-laser care is also a point of difference that you must make a noise about. Don’t be afraid to ask if your skin clinic offers this. Why the fuss? For example, does your professional know about Cutera CoolGlide technology? This is essential for those with melanin-rich skin tones. For those who have previously had difficulty treating razor bumps and PFB; for those with dark skin tones, cooling devices bring down the temperature of skin post-treatment. This means that Long pulsed NdYAG can actually permanently reduce hair growth in dark-skinned men and women with black hair.


The tech (longer pulse durations allowing more energy to be delivered to skin and cooling devices to prevent burning) combines properly inclusive treatment. But just make sure you do your homework thoroughly first.


Short-Pulsed Laser: The New Gen Edit

A new generation of carbon dioxide lasers use very short-pulsed light energy (ultrapulsed) or continuous light beams that hit skin in a scanning pattern. Think of this as high-energy, and instead of zoned in targeted areas, your whole face can be treated. However, you can pick specific areas of skin to focus on (like acne scarring on your cheeks or eye or mouth area). A treatment that works deeply on lines, wrinkles, acne scars, pigmentation (from sun damage) is C02 Laser Skin Resurfacing.


While your medical aesthetic expert needs to guide you through this treatment, an expert will advise you that it’s not recommended for darker skin. Such as skin types 5 and 6 on the Fitzpatrick scale. Instead, opt for the Fractional Fusion best suited to you.


Another shorted pulsed option is Laser Genesis. It’s also non-ablative, meaning it doesn’t damage the skin’s surface due to the short firing of microbursts of energy. Ideal for skin that needs that collagen stimulation without running the risk of invasive treatment. So you’re looking at a refreshed face and almost zero recovery time.


What’s the last thought on the laser edit?

Whether you’re desperate for a highly targeted solution or wish to turn your skin’s clock back in the safest way possible, there’s a laser for you. Both methods mean beautiful skin. But they need to performed by the most skilled hand in the most expert setting. Laser creates complexion perfection but with the proper prep and post-care. Your homework will make all the difference.






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