Layered Laser: Make Winter The Time For Deeper Treatment 

Layered Laser: Make Winter The Time For Deeper Treatment 

Summer might be on its way out, but your skin has much to be happy about. Now is the time to get serious about intense treatment. We’re not talking risky business here, but rather modern methods of fully treating issues that need solid skin therapy. Enter a layered laser where two technologies double up to create one fantastic treatment. 


Deeper Treatment: Why Winter Is The Season 

There really is a lot to be said about Winter. Sure, it’s chilly, but it’s a magic period for rejuvenation for your skin. And while we all love the sun, the sun doesn’t always love us. While you’re remembering to smooth on some SPF, think about it like this: for certain deeper laser treatments (and that includes layered laser). You can’t undergo them if you’ve been sun-exposed for three weeks before your treatment.


So Winter really is your catchment period. Sun-sensitised skin is a no-go. However, don’t be deterred; what’s waiting for your skin goals on the other side is worth the homework. Also, if Winter is your time to cosy up at home, a WFH situation or back in the office two to three days later makes layered laser all the easier to sail through. Recovery time with more intense lasers is part of the deal, although they still only carry low to medium risks. 


In other words, it’s not an instant gratification process, but you’ll be in the right space for a little more downtime. And, of course, the results make it all worth it! 


Layered Laser: Combined Treatment For Refined Skin

While yes, the laser is about de-ageing your skin (hello rejuvenation), its magic is treating skin conditions that need textural change for a smoother look and finish. Collagen stimulation is key here; building it up so you see deep-seated issues like wrinkles, sun damage and scarring noticeably improve. That’s why two lasers (layered in one treatment) can be very effective. With Fractional Fusion, various laser options, depending on your skin condition, are available to you. 


This unique solution is able to focus on small portions of the skin, honing in so many specific issues like sagging and even severe photo damage. For your needs, it’s about creating a customised solution with skin boosting extras like retinol, TA and growth factor serums and even swapping that second laser for a superficial chemical peel if it’s the better choice. 


Speaking of which, Pearl Fusion also works deeper on skin texture issues, while helping to plump and firm skin for a total de-aged look. Deep resurfacing with a combination of lasers means it’s a full-face treatment however those specific issues like pore size and fine lines are taken care of too.


Ready to tackle zones that need real revitalisation and regained smoothness? Make this Winter counttargeting your skin with a trend that isn’t about fad but rather a solution-based deep overhaul. Layered laser defines deep yet safe treatment that marries innovation with boosted results. The season of more care is here, so take this opportunity to dive straight in. 


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