Skin Ageing by Zones: From Forehead to Chin, There’s a Solution

Skin Ageing by Zones: From Forehead to Chin, There's a Solution

Do you think of your face as a whole or as sections broken down into zones with their own conditions and concerns? Perhaps it’s easier to look at it like this: your skin is the entirety of your face. It may be oily or dehydrated, suffer from acne or hormonal pigmentation, needing treatment for those conditions as a unit. But then there’s ageing, and that happens at different rates (stages) to the zones of your face as you mature. 


So, while your bestie starts showing crow’s feet around her eye area, your issue is Marionette lines. Sure, it’s an age thing, but it has much to do with genetics, your lifestyle, and, you guessed it, the sun. And would a one-treatment-fits-all approach be the best for challenges that crop up at different times of your life? We’re thinking, probably not. Here’s where targeted zone-by-zone solutions can make or break your anti-ageing plan. 


The Zones of Ageing: Let’s Take It From the Top 

Starting with the forehead, the most common signs of ageing include wrinkles and sun-damaged skin thanks to sun exposure. It’s no wonder that sagging brows follow suit. This loss of gravity (your collagen and elastin dipping and diving) results in a typical shortfall around the forehead and eye area in youth. In other words, sagging skin, thanks to ageing skin, means those gorgeous brows might be headed south. Of course, crow’s feet around the eye area are common agers – but they are also signs of expression. And aren’t smile lines beautiful? 


This is where a real expert aesthetic medical doctor can guide you on keeping the natural look of a beautiful life lived while smoothing deep-seated wrinkles. Moving to your mid-face, areas like the space between your brows and your nose, and you may be seeing bunny lines. This cute little term ‘aint so cute if you’re encouraging lines to form every time you frown or wrinkle your nose when laughing. It’s the same with a downturned mouth. Volume loss and wrinkles cause the mouth to age, and then there’s how you move it. Does your mouth always seem to frown? Your skilled doctor will check if you have an overactive depressor muscle. It might be more than simply filling your lips but rather correcting a condition. 


Injectables for Every Concern: De-Age From Forehead to Neck

No one is suggesting that you just go mad with neurotoxins and hope for the best and understanding how the zones of the face age means getting the most out of your treatments. And also choosing better, more impactful treatments that do amazing things for your skin. For treating the forehead and brows, injectables like neurotoxins to smooth wrinkles and help lift a sagging brow (a Chemical Brow Lift). 


But what if you’ve tried those super nips from the injector’s needle and are ready to level up? Skin tightening for a slack forehead, for example? Safe for all skin types, Endymed 3D Deep RF Skin Tightening treats wrinkles and lax skin on the face and jawline. In other words, it can rejuvenate your entire face and even that super delicate skin around your eyes and mouth. And what about the neck? This zone is often completely ignored while we desperately cling onto the age of the face alone. But it’s the neck that often gives away our age. Sadly, it’s because it’s very exposed. And that means sun exposure and, very often, more skin care is needed. 


Often, a combo of therapy works best for a neck that needs TLC fast. For you, this may be needling like Secret RF Microneedling to help create new collagen (the trick for anti-ageing), teamed with Carboxytherapy to treat sagging skin.


What’s The Final Word?

Step by step often feels like the longest route to achieve your goals. Whether it’s saving for that dream holiday to Ibiza or the house reno, you’re desperate to do, breaking targets up into steps does help in working out solutions. It’s the same with skin goals. Overall, anti-agers are wonderful skin overhauls. For targeted treatment, though, think of your skin as zones that can be de-aged when you see the need. Here’s to your best journey! 



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