Brain Fog: I Just Can’t think Straight, What Is Wrong With Me?

Brain Fog: I Just Can't think Straight, What Is Wrong With Me

Brain fog or memory loss? It’s no secret that a child can learn an action in a matter of minutes simply by observing an adults action. Sadly however as we age and/or undergo stress, so too do our mental processes or responses often delaying recollection of thoughts and connecting the dots.

The slowing down of the mind commonly manifests in the following:

– forgetfulness
– brain fog
– reduced ability to uphold focus
– reduced problem-solving ability

What we often don’t realise is these symptoms often progress into more severe conditions, such as dementia, depression or even Alzheimer’s disease.

In a world that is all about now, we tend to get irritated and impatient with the elderly. Our actions adding pressure to a situation in which mentally the person’s brain is already struggling to connect the dots.
It is not uncommon to hear exclamations such as ‘I just can’t think straight!’ or ‘I had the answer a moment ago!’ once cognitive decline has set in, leaving the elderly person feeling frustrated and inadequate.

What can I do?

Invest in yourself and consider making use of Brain Trainer for brain training which aids in improving the speed of your brain, memory, flexibility, attention, and problem-solving.

How does it work? 
Brain training can improve your memory loss – it is the same principle when training a muscle to get stronger, here you train the brain to remember things more clearly.

There are ways in which you can also assist your brain, with just a few small lifestyle changes such as:
– Diet: The Mediterranean type diet is highly recommended for cognitive disorders
– Minimise alcohol consumption
– Reduce coffee consumption

There is no quick and easy solution to restoring cognitive agility, however, an investment in mental health is irreplaceable. If you cannot afford assistance from the professionals try doing cognitive exercises at home. These include things as simple as getting regular exercise and even reading a book can all help maintain your brain in the long run.


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