Boost your creativity, improve your happiness and health!

Boost your creativity improve your happiness and health

Boost your creativity it is always a good thing. It’ll help you to come up with better ideas that can improve every area of your life and make it easier to solve any problems. You’ll also have more fun while doing it and we can back that – theres a proven link between happiness and creativity!


JAMA International Medicine recently published a paper that analyzed 27 studies and trials spanning more than 23 years. The study found that people with cancer who engage in creative arts therapy experience less depression and anxiety than those who don’t. Whether it was art, music or dance, many of those engaging in creative pursuits even reported experiencing less pain.


Boost your creativity & keep sharp!

Obviously, an increase in happiness will have a knock on effect on your health, the wellbeing of your body and mind are intrinsically connected. But, as it turns out, nurturing your creative side can affect it directly too. One study performed by the University of London compared cognitive as well as psychological changes in people suffering from dementia taking art therapy. In comparison to those who didn’t and it found those in the art group became mentally sharper.


So, clearly nurturing your creativity is a good thing, but how do you do it?


We’ve got a few suggestions and some might surprise you.

1. Listen to more music

Did you know that Albert Einstein was incredibly skilled at playing the piano and violin? While he was one of the world’s most brilliant physicists, he often said that if he weren’t, he’d be a musician. Numerous studies have proven that listening to music you enjoy can boost your creativity as well as your ability to solve problems.

2. Take up chess

To master the game of chess requires the player to the think several steps ahead as well as recognise repeatable patterns that blend into each other. As it turns out, the parts of your brain that relate to pattern recognition and creativity are linked, so improving one will boost the other.

3. Get moving!

Pull on your trainers! Studies have found that exercise, especially aerobic activities like running, can stimulate the growth of new cells in your hippocampus that supports creative thinking.

4. Start snapping

You don’t have to pick up a paint brush to create a beautiful image. Photography is just as viable and practising it improves your ability to best capture your subject. This is art!

5. Try Neutrofeedback

Brain Renewal offers Neurofeedback, a type of biofeedback, that uses sensors to measure your brain’s activity in real-time to help teach you self-regulation of its function. It can help you quiet the brainwaves associated with low performance and improve those associated with optimal brain function. This also allows more creative inspiration and intuition to flow!


In conclusion

Learn more about Neurofeedback, visit Brain Renewal. The treatment doesn’t just help improve creativity, it can also help improve a variety of conditions that range from addictions, and sleep disorders to anxiety and depression.


Change your brain waves, change your life? It’s most certainly possible!


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