Stress And Your Face: Treatments That Relax and Refresh You

Stress And Your Face: Treatments That Relax and Refresh You

Do you wish you it was the holidays already? This year has been a long one; and very challenging. If the stress and your face are starting to reflecting your inner turmoil, it’s time to give your face a break. And what could be more relaxing than a facial treatment? Sound a bit too pampering for you? Well, if you choose the right one, you’ll get the bonus of anti-ageing too. Here are some of the best non-invasive therapies to help you look stress-free! 

How Are You Peeling?

Treatments that relax and refresh you come in many forms. Like a chemical peel! These are clever options for skin that looks alive and awake post-treatment. Chat to your aesthetic medical doctor or therapist about the right peel for your skin. It’s always best to start slow. You can get into the peel game with a results-driven but gentle Radiance Peel. With low risks, this mild peel works wonders for acne, oily skin, pigmentation and rough texture. All these issues are things men may struggle with, as well as dull skin. Another good all-rounder peel is the Simildiet Ferulic Peel. Think of it as a tick-all-boxes option for age prevention and treatment. And as it boosts a healthy glow, it’s a smart swap for long work hours. Dull skin robs you of radiance which is known to make your face look tired. A good antidote is a peel that results in a radiance that the pressure has taken out. 

Stress And Your Face – Seeing is Believing

The eyes are a dead giveaway for tiredness. And if you look tired, you look more stressed. Not really an eye cream kind of guy? Well, there’s a treatment for that. And one that you can combine with your peels to save on time. Clever huh? Have you heard of carboxytherapy for the eye area? It brightens and firms which helps puffiness and dark circles. Injecting tiny amounts of carbon dioxide underneath the skin is how carboxytherapy works its wonders. As a result, dark circles get an oxygen and blood flow boost. Ask your doctor about a plan to get you looking refreshed in just a few sessions. 

Facials of the Future

Trading traditional “steam-and-cream” facials for innovative anti-ageing treatments mean a solid year-round skincare solution. And many advanced facials treat men’s ageing concerns as well as stressed skin. Stimulate collagen (essential for keeping skin young) with an Anti-ageing Mesoglow Facial. You get better active ingredient absorption through transdermal therapy (a device that makes micro-channels in your skin). It’s a non-injection treatment, though; think of a tech device for innovative skin stimulation. And another way to look more relaxed with a high-tech facial is with brightening ingredients. The PDT MesoSilkPeel Facial uses visible light wavelengths to help the skin rejuvenate, de-age and even heal. In addition, a choice of brightening Meso-infusion or antioxidant vitamin C helps with the glow. Other infusion options tackle oiliness and congestion as well as dehydration. 

Time for some time out? Take your skin on a treatment mini-break before the summer holidays hit. A tailored approach will make all the difference and set the tone for a healthy skin journey. After all, it’s your body’s largest organ. It deserves the investment. 


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