Skinimalism: It’s straightforward skincare & more than just a trend for men.

Skinimalism: It's straightforward skincare & more than just a trend for men.

Is the current way of life dictating your grooming habits? Perhaps a less is more approach feels easier right now. Great skincare sets you up for skin health now and in the future. However, your skin requirements based on your gender always need to be top of mind. Want a routine that suits your face and current space we’re in? Straightforward skincare comes in the form of skinimalism. And it’s not just a trend, it’s highly beneficial for men’s skin.

Skinimalism Explained

The concept of skinimalism is simplicity and practicality. And why does this work for most men so well? Fair to say that guys not used to excessive grooming routines. Or perhaps fair to say that the majority aren’t. Furthermore, while taking care of their skin is important, men like practically. What skinimalism is able to do for guys is keep things simple. We all know skincare is an essential habit, but it’s got work with your schedule. And of course, your skin.

Guys and Grooming

Firstly, due to a men’s conditions and texture, their skin is different to women’s. It’s hormones that are the driving force. Thicker and tending to be oiler, skin on a guy’s face is in a different grooming space. Shaving also impacts the care it needs. Add facial hair to the mix and there’s another factor to consider. While many may not be shaving daily thanks to WFH, some are still putting razor to face. And it’s this everyday shave that’s the enemy of a man’s skin. Shaving is basically skin exfoliation. While exfoliating action is a good thing, too much of it can be harmful. For men this means skin irritation and ingrown hairs. Happy to enjoy a little more face fuzz? With or without facial hair, cleansing, hydrating and sun protection are a must!

Three Steps to Straightforward Skincare

First step is cleansing. Did you know for men it can mean two-in-one action? Washing your face and a chance to prevent ingrown hairs. Simply look for a cleanser with cell renewing active ingredients in the formulation. Additionally, think of it as a multiple-use product (like a hair-and-body wash in one). Next, hydrate your skin (if you shave do it after cleansing and before moisturising). For a man’s moisturiser, look for something that soothes irritation, controls oil but boosts hydration. Remember even if you do have an oiler skin, it still needs water from your moisturiser. Third, protection your skin from the sun. This is an essential step – year round – to guard against sun damage and aging. A fluid texture, high SPF sunscreen will help your skin.

Grooming for guys is about laying good foundations for a healthy skin. And it’s easy to ace straightforward skincare with a simple approach. Remember, an aesthetic medical doctor can help guide you, so take advantage of an expert’s opinion. Looking good and feeling on top form means your face too – go for it!


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