Quick fixes: injectables for ageing with no fuss or downtime

Quick Fixes Injectables For Ageing With No Fuss Or Downtime

Quick fixes a.k.a injectables are the next treatment option for men looking for fast results with no fuss. By simply preventing wrinkles from forming of adding a little volume, it can give a fantastic improvement in appearance without any downtime.


Quick fixes why are guys so slow to catch up?

Often our wives and girlfriends have to literally drag us guys to the aesthetic clinic when all they want to do is show how easily facial lines can be treated. These “quick fixes” offer instant results in a matter of minutes without anyone knowing you are cheating the ageing process.


What are my options?

There are two forms of injectable neurotoxins, these are Botox or Dysport. Both are anti-wrinkle injectables which soften the action of facial muscles. But first, you need to understand that they work on two types of wrinkle; static and dynamic wrinkles.


Static Wrinkles – This type of wrinkle is visible regardless of the muscle action. They are always there, hence the term “static.”


Dynamic wrinkles – These eventually become static wrinkles. The dynamic lines can form paths resulting permanent lines and wrinkles in time.


Injectables for men

Unlike women, men should never be without facial lines or character lines, this can appear to be both unnatural and rather feminine, therefore, stands to reason that only the most obvious and deep-seated lines should be addressed at first. These are the lines that age you prematurely. The other option is dermal fillers which restore lost volume, this is ideal for ageing guys and those who have had dramatic weight loss.


How, what, where and who?

Injectables for wrinkles:

“The anti-wrinkle injectables are injected via minute needles, even the most squeamish can handle it”, says Dr. Andre Truter of the Renewal Institute. The results can last anything from 3-4 months before your need to schedule your touch-up visit. Injectables now have a long-standing track record of being safe and effective and is renowned for being the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world.


Injectables to restore volume:

Never confuse neurotoxins with dermal fillers, they have completely different actions and applications. Dermal fillers restore a loss of facial fat and volume. For example, when you lose weight or start pumping iron in the gym, the facial fat also shrinks leaving you looking athletic, but also bony and hardens your facial features. The filler is natural ingredient found in the skin(hyaluronic acid), it replaces fat volume and literally lifts deep lines and smooth curves. Fillers, when done correctly leave the face looking fresh and more youthful. When done correctly fillers are safe, fast and efficient.


Please note: Guys usually require more product than their female counterparts. It is advised to start with low volumes and increase it progressively.


In closing, the earlier you start the better your results, prevention will always be better than cure. Your top priority should always be safety. Safety is the greatest issue and this means choosing the right clinic, with a stand-up reputation, qualified doctors, and nurses and hygiene procedures as stipulated by governing bodies.



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