Masculinisation Of The Jaw: Facial Injectables For Men

Masculinisation Of The Jaw: Facial Injectables For Men

A chiselled jawline with definition that screams manliness. And what’s that all about? Men’s faces are traditionally accepted as broader and more structured around the lower half. In other words, it’s all about the jaw. And then, of course, there’s the science of swoon. Face shape is a big deal. Apparently, in a study published by PLoS One, the most attractive mates are those with facial characteristics that are more masculine (in men) or more feminine (in women). So how do you feel about your jawline? Ever thought about it? Well, that’s where clever injectables come in for masculinisation. 

Injectables: Masculinisation of the Jawline 101

So the boys invited you to golf on the coast. The chat was the usual; work, sport and the latest cars. But something was different. One of the guy’s looked better than ever. Like he’d just come back from a holiday, but this time without a blazing sunburn. His face looked defined, strong and refreshed. And so you asked the million-dollar question. And the answer surprised you; dermal fillers and a technique called MD Codes or the 9-Point Shape for masculinisation. It creates a stronger and more outlined jawline. 

Handsome Today, Gone Tomorrow? No! 

First and foremost, understand that enhancing your jaw area isn’t about needing a face overhaul. This type of treatment is there if you wish up your male ante. In other words, if it’s a feature you wish to boost. But what maketh a man? Certainly not just a defined jawline! This type of treatment can give your skin back hyaluronic acid (HA), which decreases as we age. Found naturally in skin, HA is a sugar molecule that gives your face a filled look: think plumped up and hydrated. So it makes perfect sense why it’s so prevalent in skincare products, and treatments as an active ingredient for skin craving moisturise or fullness. And it works progressively. Apart from helping to reshape a jaw, it can also tighten jowls. It may also be a skin-saver if you compete with your English Bulldog in the chin department. Filler treatments help with sagging skin, all too common for those experiencing jowls, lasting up to a year. 

Masculinisation, What Are Your Other Options?

There are a few other things about manning up the face shape that might work for you. Did you know chin filler is a thing too? You can use it to balance fuller cheeks. And if it’s the illusion of a slimdown you’re after, talk to your expert medical aesthetic doctor about contouring the jaw. Carefully placed jawline filler can actually make your face look trimmer. Now you know! 


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