Forgetfulness: Men may actually have an excuse to forget

Forgetfulness Men May Actually Have An Excuse To Forget

Forgetfulness, it’s pretty normal for us to lose our keys from time to time, and even misplace a thing or two. The challenge comes when forgetfulness and memory loss are a recurrent problem, one which progressively gets worse. Age plays a large role in the mental decline and associated disorders such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s. It makes the chances of losing our memory a very real threat.


Forgetfulness and men

While forgetfulness is a normal part of ageing, an expected outcome even. Recent studies have found that men might be on a faster track to memory loss and forgetfulness than women.


Previously it was believed that there is a direct link between memory lapses and the prevalence of a group rogue proteins known as ‘amyloids’ (often a precursor to Alzheimers and Dementia). However, studies now show that ageing, in fact, is the first determining factor in memory loss. The study also revealed that age is directly related to memory decline and concludes that men are more genetically predisposed to age-related memory loss.


Study outcomes around mental decline

– age-related memory loss affected men at a faster pace than women

– proportionately to the memory loss and was greater in the male brain

– memory loss was unrelated to having the gene APOE4

– memory and brain volume both decline between the ages of 30 and 95

– male memory became worse than women’s at around 40

– male hippocampal volume became lower than women’s at age 60


In conclusion, the study shows that there is a profound effect of ageing on the brain, more so in men than women (except pregnancy). Disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia are merely a result of an already pre-existing memory decline and not solely due to the presence of amyloid plaques.


How can you improve your brain health

To maintain healthy brain functioning, we need to have a ‘healthy brain plan’.

Our suggestions include:

– Supplement with Omega-3

– Exercise your brain (reading, crosswords, puzzles and more)

– Treat pre-existing conditions (Brain Training assists in treating existing memory loss and helps you regain optimal brain function)

Curcumin and antioxidants (these prevent oxidization of tissue and prevents diseased molecules from being transported to the brain via the bloodstream)





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