Beat the Bulge: Treatments to Target Belly Fat This Summer

Beat the Bulge: Treatments to Target Belly Fat This Summer

What does summer look like to you? Pool days, weekend braais, beach sunsets and er, boardshorts? If the last bit starts making you feel uneasy, know you’re not alone. Not loving your boep? Men have a higher chance of storing weight around their tummies, it’s time to beat the bulge. The easiest change you can make to shed the unwanted kilos is to switch up your diet. And getting enough exercise is critical too. Feel like you’re eating clean and moving but it’s not enough? Well, that’s where tummy-targeting treatments are the hero every man has been looking for.

Belly Fat: The Basics to Beat the Bulge

Bottom line; food matters. And so does breaking a sweat. And simple hacks like eating more protein instead of munching on highly processed takeaways can make a difference. It’s easy: more protein equals a fuller tummy and that means you won’t need extra snacks. So while you’re putting down the chips; listen to this. If you don’t have time to gym like a beast five days a week, relax. Start by walking (quickly) and then turn that workout into a jogging session and progress it into running. Cardio like swimming or biking is also a great way to burn belly fat. Now diet and exercise are clear, let’s talk treatments.

These are targeted ways of helping your body rid itself of stubborn excess weight as well as working on tone and texture of skin. Take Titania; commonly used to treated areas like the stomach, as well as moobs – yes, those pecks that have softened into a chest carrying extra weight up front. It works by zoning in on tissues (thanks to radio frequency) for a collagen and elastin stimulation. Getting your cells metabolism revved up again (it’s the same concept when you’re eating right and exercising), stored up weight is moved out and energy is used up!

Treat Yourself Right: More Ways to Love Your Body

It may sound a little sappy, but having a little bromance with your body is a good thing. After all it’s done your proud. And getting it back in shape means that you can actually live longer. A leaner midsection is known as a sign of good health and longevity. Belly fat can be linked to a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Before you panic, know that’s that where treatments to decrease your abdomen aren’t all promise and zero results. Modern tech means serious innovation and results that move your weight in the right direction. Endymed Contour is one of those. Safe for all skin tones, guys with dark skins needn’t stress about the after effects of radio frequency like possible post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Low risk yet effective, this device-driven treatment is designed for what is known as localised fat – in other words, ideal to treat a belly that’s a bit extra. And talk to your medical aesthetic doctor about carboxytherapy. The ticket for tummy rolls, and perfect to be teamed up with other treatments, carboxytherapy means breaking up fat cells deep within.

Time to get moving and shaking? Remember treatments mean big wins but when combined with sound eating and lifestyle changes like the RID Diet, the gains are long term. And that’s what “beat the bulge” is all about; a healthier and happier you. Let the journey begin!


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