Why Men Go Bald – And Smart Solutions for Hair Loss

Why Men Go Bald - And Smart Solutions for Hair Loss

Got more hair on your chest than your scalp these days? Or is your hairline slowly creeping further north? Guys, unfortunately hair loss or going bald is a plight that most men will experience. It’s known that by the time a man hits 35, 40% will notice strands shedding. And it’s reported that the number grows to 70% by the time men reach 80. So, why do men bald? In these times, we can blame many factors, and not just male pattern baldness (the most common type). However smart solutions for hair loss mean a much easier aesthetic and emotional journey.

The Culprits making you go bald

Is your dad’s hair thinner than it used to be? While genetics plays a major role, genes don’t always dictate why men go bald. Your issue might be a condition like alopecia areata, eczema or psoriasis. Note sure? Then it’s very important to consult a medical professional like an aesthetic doctor. In the case of a condition or infection, diagnosis and treatment need to be explored. Additionally, chat to your healthcare professional about your current stress levels. Don’t underestimate how stress can impact hair loss. Living through our current pandemic, higher cortisol levels are being reported. This stress hormone is known to lead to hair loss.

Treat from the inside out

Before you Google hair transplants, look at your underlying health first. What will help feed hair growth from the inside? After consulting a doctor, give oral supplementation a turbo-charged boost with IV infusions. Choosing an IV cocktail dosed with powerful anti-oxidants like gluthathione can mean stronger hair. Additionally vitamins, minerals and fluids hydrate skin, and even detox your liver. Other ways to get the good stuff internally is finding the right nutraceuticals for your hair. Foundational supplements like a quality multi vitamin will do your health good, and your hair. These include Omega 3, Vitamin D, Zinc and a good anti-oxidant like Glutathione or Co-Q10.

Targeted Treatments

Non-invasive treatments that mean zero downtime can help you regain your strands. Carboxytherapy for hair loss works on improving circulation through CO2 injections. The results? Boosted oxygen to the scalp to help with supply of more nutrients for hair regrowth. Additionally, the treatment is simple and safe and can be combined with other therapies. Now that’s a smart solution for hair loss. Another – as the scalp is simply an extension your facial skin – is clever scalp care. Hello shampoo and conditioner for hair growth. Used with treatments, products with active ingredients for hair loss can help with revitalisation. Want to take things up a notch? Include a treatment product for hair loss to your routine. Look for ingredients like peptides to stimulate hair cells for healthy roots. This means a healthy environment for hair to grow.

Get Serious

Heard of PRP? The acronym for Platelet Rich Plasma, this therapy is known to be a successful treatment option. A rejuvenating treatment for other body areas (face and hands), it works for the scalp too. Think of it as an anti-ager, restoring proper blood flow to parts that need it most. For hair loss that means the scalp, so new blood vessels can be made. And that’s because the hair follicles live there and need regeneration for hair to grow. The science behind it? Platelet Rich Plasma is a blood extract through separation in a centrifuge. The result is a golden liquid with high concentrations of platelets and at least seven growth factors. And that all goes into the scalp to re-energise the hair follicle. In addition it means stopping further hair loss and encouraging more growth. Good news? Oh yes!

Ready to get real about balding and hair loss? There’s a smart solution for every guy. Through innovative treatments, loads of options help you grow back what’s missing.


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