Wellness: Celebrate 2023 With These Top De-Stressors

Wellness: Celebrate 2023 With These Top De-Stressors

Can’t believe we’ve just celebrated the festive season? And there’s still New Year’s Eve to toast! As you plan with your besties for the 31st, use the week between Christmas and New Year to be a bit selfish with your time. It can be a total blur. Known as Chrimbo Limbo, this stretch is the perfect week to chill out. And while you’re doing whatever gets you in the stress-free zone, take some time to think about your health and wellness. Resolutions don’t have to be made – there’s a reason why these fail.

But instead, focus on what you’ve already achieved health-wise this year and what your body needs more of. A marathon approach is always best, so aim to add on rather than start with a massive sprint. Need to up for supplement game? Well, that’s achievable. Are you feeling more inspired? Here are some ways next year’s health trend forecast will help you de-stress for the long haul.

Celebrating Your Wellness: Welcome to Your Year of Less Stress

Things certainly need to be less gimmicky about 2023’s health outlook. Drastic fads are out, and more holistic and sustainable solutions rooted in science are in. And that’s excellent news for your body and stress levels. With mental health top of mind, next year brings even more opening up about issues like anxiety and depression.

Moving to a place where there’s far less stigma attached to these challenges, speaking to expert medical health professionals and getting support is as normal as getting that essential blood pressure check-up. With decent sleep being key to help balance out your mood, another trend – and an easy add-on – is simply working on an earlier bedtime. It starts with eating dinner before it’s dark. Don’t fancy a 5pm supper? Well, here’s the science: plenty of time to digest your food means setting yourself up for a successful sleep routine. And that helps keep your stress more playable.

Are you struggling with shuteye? Even suspecting you have insomnia means you may have a sleep disorder. What is the best remedy? Guidance from a skilled doctor who can discover any underlying health issues. Additionally, small adjustments like hormone balancing or taking much-needed multivitamins and minerals can be professionally handled.

New Year, New You? Small Steps For Big Health Gains

As issues that you may have wanted to keep under wraps (or caps) before, like hair loss, shed their stigma, more at-home products will readily be available to help you. And more holistic plans that mean hair loss from stress, post-pandemic hair fall or other strand issues can be treated like your skin is. Why this approach? Well, your scalp is simply an extension of the skin on your face. And the way you see therapy for your skin can easily be translated to your hair.

Look at it not only as supplementation but also as health check-ups like your thyroid. Ditto your hormone levels. Another area of focus that is gaining ground is plant-based eating. While already a more sustainable way to look at nutrition, plant-based foods will become even more spotlighted next year. And you can undoubtedly take a flexible approach.

Want to cut out red meat but still enjoy essential omega-3 fatty acids? Treat yourself to a delicious salmon bowl once a week instead of that steak and fries. It’s the perfect dish with seaweed jam-packed with minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals and antioxidants that help protect cells against free radicals and inflammation. With that one swap, you’ll do something incredible for your health and nailing wellness 2023!

Have a really happy Chrimbo Limbo (or Twixmas)! Whatever you like to call it, take some time for yourself and hit that reset button. And when you’re feeling ready, make those health adjustments to shore you up for the year ahead. Remember, it’s all about feeling happy in mind, body and soul. Here’s to your wellness journey!


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