Wellbeing: 6 Ways How To Make 2022 Happy and Healthy

Wellbeing: 6 Ways How To Make 2022 Happy and Healthy

Want to feel better this year? Sometimes it’s impossible to change your situation, but you can support your system. This is a great way to do better. Translation? Self-care. After all, wellbeing is “a state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.” Love the sound of that? All these ways of “being” go hand-in-hand. Here are some guidelines to upping your wellness and wellbeing in 2022. 

Do Supplements Make a Difference To Your Wellbeing? 

Yes! Sadly, there are often shortfalls in our food. And even if you eat a rainbow spectrum of veggies, you’re possible getting all the nutrients you need from diet alone. Research from Harvard Health showed that many essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium and Vitamins C and D were lacking. Think of supplementation as not just making up for what’s missing. It’s vital for help with disease prevention and immune support. 

Self-Compassion for a Happy and Healthy 2022

What do you always tell your best friend when they need a lift? Now say that to yourself next time you need some love. In other words, be your own bestie! Self-compassion is essentially giving yourself the same kindness you would to others. Leave negative self-talk needs in 2021. We all suffer, fail and make mistakes. Find a kind mantra and repeat it when you feel unsure or sad. Anxious pre-Zoom call for your big presentation? Try looking in the mirror and confidentially repeating “I am enough” or “I am great at my job.” Whatever feels right to you. And then go ace the task ahead!

Important Health Checks You Never Thought Of

 Regardless of your gender, three big health checks to have done are a skin exam, cholesterol screening and blood glucose test. Especially as you edge towards 40, it’s not fun to think of issues like skin cancer, high cholesterol and diabetes, but these are very real challenges in South Africa. It’s estimated that 69 percent of our population has undiagnosed diabetes in our country. Just that stat should be enough for you to make an appointment with your healthcare professional. Now’s the time! 

How Much Water is Enough? 

Sick of hearing that sipping on eight glasses of water is essential? Yes, it gets said over and over. However, it’s on auto-play for good reason; drink too little (or none), and you’ll feel it: cue dehydration, dizziness, confusion and even seizures. With water, it’s important to remember simply to drink it rather than aim for a set amount. Because there is no perfect goal for any of us, it’s all dependent on what the body is experiencing on any given day. Temperature, exercise and even your weight mean you should adjust your water. To stay adequately hydrated, it’s known that three litres work for men and just over two litres are suitable for women. In other words, drink up!

Your Year of Sound Sleep

 Last year a study in America found that up to 70 million Americans have chronic sleep disorders. The same study reported that 40 percent of adults fell asleep during the day at least once a month. If you’re feeling tired just reading this, you’re not alone. Even small children aren’t getting enough shut-eye. Almost half of the kids in the US don’t get the recommended nine hours a night. Want to do better? An adult needs no more than eight hours and a strict sleep schedule. So go back to that time when Mom or Dad put you to bed. Create a restful environment and go to bed at the same time every night.

Improve Your Skin’s Health  And Wellbeing

Want better-looking skin? Conditions like dullnessbreakouts or ageing plaguing you? Time to start thinking of treating your skin for its overall health and not just face value. In other words, skincare isn’t a quick fix but rather strategies to work long term. Because who wants results today just for them to be gone tomorrow? For this, look at your skin and what’s causing the issue. So, if your health results in acne, that needs to be treated together with your breakouts. 

Ready to tackle 2022 full of energy? Giving your body the support it needs to face the year head-on means better wellbeing. Here’s to your health and happiness! 


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