Antioxidant Love: Why These Vitamins Make Your Skin Amazing

Antioxidant Love: Why These Vitamins Make Your Skin Amazing

We know the drill; “you are what you eat.” And yes, it gets really boring. That’s because it’s true. Want to look great in that slinky wrap dress? Eat clean. Science tells us that good nutrition means longevity and less risk of obesity and disease. Hello antioxidant love!

In other words, what you eat really matters. And the same can be said for your skin. Of course, switching to the salmon diet or sticking to paleo (when everyone around you is feasting like it’s Christmas – oh wait….) is tricky, not to mention pricy. And what if you skip a few days? That’s the beauty of supplementation.

Antioxidant Love for Skin: Say Hello to Amazing Vitamins

Those vitamins you give your kids every morning aren’t just because they keep refusing their broccoli. Vitamins like antioxidants C and D protect your skin. We get these guardians from our food, but supplements will shore you up if your diet has dipped or you don’t eat certain foods.

Skin savers come in the form of everyone’s favourite Vitamin C – also one of the most studied antioxidants. This goodie might be the best-known antioxidant. After all, it’s recognised as a go-to health booster when colds or flu hit. For skin, it helps with collagen production, and because that slows as we age, you want as much Vitamin C in your corner as possible.

Another antioxidant that’s your skin’s best friend is Vitamin K2. You may not have heard as much about this system supporter as you have about other well-being boosters, but it’s worth noting. This antioxidant works on bring down inflammation. Skin inflammation and ageing are known to go hand in hand. Anything inflammatory that makes the skin react (meaning it’s imbalanced and not only not working its best) also means it’s not looking happy.

Another inflammation fighter is Vitamin D. Helping to control the issue, it also supports your immune system. Think about your skin when you’re unwell or going through full-on stress. If you have any skin conditions (like eczema or acne), they may get worse. So taking something that helps calm skin (a natural anti-inflammatory) and supports good skin health (a natural skin immune booster) is just plain sensible.

More Love to Give: Other Antioxidants to Invest In

They may not be vitamins, but they do incredible things for the skin and are worth taking note of. The first is the essential mineral, Zinc. Got breakouts? Zinc has long been recognised in the treatment of pimples, as well as revving up your skin’s overall health. It does good things for immunity – like Vitamin C, it’s a go-to if you’re coming down with a cold – helping to soothe inflammation. Feel like skin redness is stealing your glow?

Help get it back with Resveratrol.

Naturally found in plant extracts like grape skin, berries (and even dark chocolate), this organic beauty works to soothe skin that needs a timeout. Omega 3, with its fatty acids, have been known for their antioxidant effects for some time.

And rather than ordering salmon sashimi every time you go out to eat, popping an Omega 3 supplement means you’re getting all the benefits of hydration and help with anti-ageing. This antioxidant is also an excellent skin balancer, which keeps your sebum (oil) levels in check, so your skin doesn’t break out.

Your skin is about to hit summer and, of course, party season. While you’ve got sunscreen and the the-morning-after-the-night-before mask at the ready, have you got your antioxidant arsenal? Now you know the ones that make a real difference, it’s time to give your skin the self-care it needs after a long year. Remember, fantastic skin is a journey. And nutrition is an essential part of that adventure. Here’s to glowing more with antioxidant love…


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