Vitamins: These are your must haves after the age of forty

Vitamins These Are Your Must Haves After The Age Of Forty

Vitamins and minerals are your first defence in a modern world polluted with superbugs and ever-increasing illness. These micronutrients are the army that will fight off age-related ailments and deterioration of systems. Obviously, the ideal way of getting your vitamins would be through diet, but the modern diet is making this harder and harder. While it’s always important to eat well, it becomes especially essential around age 40 because that’s when the rules start to change.


Vitamins needed as we age

At forty plus your bodies, physiology starts to change rather drastically and this calls for changes on your part! Your muscle mass will start to deteriorate, menopause will make an entrance causing hormonal changes. Also, the risk of chronic disease becomes far higher than before. Health concerns such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes begin to increase, which means it’s time to up your game. Let’s take a look at how to implement a prevention plan.

One solution is getting enough of the right vitamins and nutrients, through healthy eating, this, however, can be difficult with a busy lifestyle. That is why we recommend nutraceuticals, these are “food like” supplements which are better absorbed and provide key nutrients.


Essential vitamins to consider

– Vitamin B12

B12 is essential for normal blood and brain function and as we age it becomes poorly absorbed, especially as our stomach acid levels deplete. Aim for 2.4 mg per day.

– Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiencies are linked to diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and breast and colorectal cancers. Our modern lifestyles are more indoors resulting in a widespread depletion of this element. D is essential for the absorption of calcium in the body. Always ensure you supplement with D3 (D3 being the type of vitamin D closest to what you would get from the sun).

Ask your doctor for the correct dosage.

Essential Minerals after forty

– Calcium

Calcium is not only needed for bone maintenance, this nutrient is needed for other functions such as muscle contraction, nerve, and heart functioning. If your body does not get enough calcium from your diet, it will rob the calcium from your bones (and weakens them).

– Magnesium

Magnesium helps to regulate blood pressure, which is crucial in your forties. Deficiencies in magnesium are linked to heart disease, diabetes, and inflammation. Magnesium is often neglected as many are not aware that it aids in the absorption of calcium and plays a role in muscle, nerve, and heart function, as well as blood glucose control.

The recommended dose is 320 mg a day for women 40 and up.


Other supplement essentials

– Omega-3s

Omega-3 fatty acids are especially crucial because they counteract many of the negative changes associated with ageing. Omega’s are your battle plan against heart disease, they lower LDL cholesterol levels and prevent cognitive decline.

The recommended dose is 500 mg if you’re healthy, 800 to 1,000 mg if you have heart disease, and 2,000 to 4,000 mg if you have high triglyceride levels. And be sure to ask your doctor about the right dose if you are on any chronic medication.

Pre and Probiotics

Pre and probiotics are essential for keeping the gut healthy. They are also known to indirectly prevent weight and aid in the management of insulin resistance.

Why pre and probiotics, while in order for probiotics to thrive and live in the gut they require prebiotics to feed on … one simply is no good without the other. Luckily these days many supplements now contain a combination of both.


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