Menopause Supplements: How To Support Your Health

Menopause Supplements: How To Support Your Health

You’re on the money if you feel like there’s a lot of fog around “the change of life” (and not just your brain fog). While sure, there is greater awareness of this impactful hormonal phase in a woman’s life, and how symptoms make you feel, there’s still much misunderstanding. The phrases “It’s not a disease” or “Just get on with it” come to mind. Compassion for yourself is where it all starts. That, and finding excellent experts who’ll guide you through peri-menopause and beyond; while HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is a solution many women turn to, exercise and nutrition must also be highlighted. Dietary choices – including supplements – act as a real coach during this time. Want to step up your game? Here’s your next move… 


Supplements for Support: Overall Health During Menopause 

The Pillars of Health are a way of understanding holistic well-being during menopause. There’s lots to consider. But don’t let this bog you down, especially from a nutrition perspective. Supplementation is a great way to help ease the conditions experienced when you’re in this stage of your life and, of course, ensure you’re getting what you need to support your health. Omega 3 may be lacking in your diet – even if you adore smoked salmon with your eggs benedict. Omega 3 fish oil is a natural inflammation soother and helps boost your immune system. It is essential as you hit peri-menopause and onwards, issues like cholesterol become more necessary to keep in check. It’s the same with blood pressure, which generally goes up.


Omega 3 is a great natural way to keep your general health steady as you focus on symptoms. Another beneficial supplement is the antioxidant Vitamin C for heart and bone health. More than just a cold and flu fighter, Vitamin C in menopause is known to build collagen as well as compensate for the lack of oestrogen. And more good news, according to one scientific study, this antioxidant can also lower the amount and intensity of hot flushes. 


Supplements and Your Symptoms: Building Your Best Well-Being

A way of being more targeted about supplements is to look for one for the symptom you’re trying to treat. Mood is one issue not many women discuss until they’re often properly depressed or anxious. Vitamin D for mood swings means not only mental health support but also bone and heart well-being and strength. Think of this nutrient as lifting weights for many vital organs in the body. And weight training is just the right type of workout as you hit peri-menopause. Add gut health into the mix, benefiting your entire system. Some studies have revealed changes in your gut bacteria after menopause. In other words, some levels dip, and others skyrocket. Want to keep things on an even keel? Digestive enzymes help with digestion and bloating, while L-Glutamine is known for gut healing and even support with IBD. 


There’s nothing blasé about menopause; it’s a different journey for every woman. Tricky, intense, revealing, straightforward, your experience is like you: completely individual. Embrace it, support it and above all, talk about it. You’ll find strength in numbers and realise it’s a more powerful time than you imagined. 


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