Stressed Out Is Not Good!

Stressed Out Is Not Good

Whilst unavoidable, being stressed or in a state of perceived ‘stress’ is a natural response not designed to be a constant circumstance. A prolonged period of being stressed can have detrimental effects on both your body and your health.

Stressed lives can be improved through lifestyle changes


Here are four changes you may notice when going through a period of prolonged stress:


1. Your Skin

When our bodies are we stressed it produces a hormone called Cortisol, this hormone is known to increase the production of oil on the skin. It, therefore, stands to reason that with increased stress and oil levels that you may experience more pimples and breakouts than usual and in some instances even the onset of acne.


2. Your Blood Pressure

Constantly being stressed can induce the onset of high blood pressure and cardiac disease due to the increased production of adrenaline and cortisol hormones. Should you be experiencing dizziness, hot flushes, heart palpitations unexplained headaches and anxiety please consult a health care practitioner immediately.


3. Depression

Depression has often been associated with stress, it is a response which is as a result of chemical changes in the brain, and is to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid conditions such as memory loss. Recently scientists have proven that when going through a prolonged period of stress, it affects the bodies production of new brain cells in the Hippocampus of the brain, resulting in both depression and anxiety in all of the test subjects.


4. Headaches

When in a state of stress you may experience involuntary muscle contractions in the head, neck and chest area. These involuntary muscle contractions can cause what is known as tension headaches, headaches which can vary in intensity and duration. Tension headaches can be debilitating and will require medical assistance in order to manage or maintain a normal and functional life.


Our bodies are not built for constant stress, but unfortunately, we are not able to press a ‘stop’ button on life. It is, therefore, a no. 1 priority to look after your mental and physical health at all times. Eat healthily, supplement your lifestyle with nutraceuticals and manage your stress symptoms by consulting a functional medicine doctor who can give you a holistic approach to keeping you healthy no matter what your stress levels.


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