Sodium: 4 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Intake & Stay Healthy

4 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Sodium Intake

Sodium, a little balance is required. We live in a faced paced society, we juggle work, family and external activities constantly. This constant juggle can lend itself to bad habits, habits which include the likes of eating fast foods, pre-packed meals and consuming sauces or seasonings which you would not normally have had at home.


These meals can result in your sodium uptake increasing and potentially threatening the longevity of your life. How much is too much and where should you be careful?


An excess of sodium results in:

High Blood Pressure

– Fluid Retention

– Hypernatremia

Cardiovascular Disease


Here 5 easy steps to reduce your sodium intake:


1. Eat fresh

Eat fresh foods, fruit and vegetables wherever possible. It is always an idea to eat seasonal produce, this practice is also known as ‘farm to table’ and reduces the number of artificial hormones and additives in our food.


2. Reduce your seasonings

Avoid pre-mixed seasonings, opt rather for fresh herbs and spices. For a flavour boost consider homemade pesto’s, these always go down a treat!


3. Eat at home

The more you eat home cooked meals, the less temptation there is to grab a heavily seasoned takeaway. Eating a balanced diet rich in lean proteins, fruit and vegetables make it easier to control your sodium intake.


4. Season it yourself

Try making your own seasonings by combining spices with herbs. Your taste buds will love a combination of spices such as turmeric, cumin, paprika, and thyme … these added flavours will fool your taste buds and they won’t even miss the sodium.


For advice on health and lifestyle changes consult a health care practitioner, ensure that you are following a well-balanced diet which includes all the food groups and lastly that you are supplementing your body with nutraceuticals where there may be any deficiencies.


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