Shape Up: How to Sculpt Away the Festive Extras That Quickly Appear

Shape Up: How to Sculpt Away the Festive Extras That Quickly Appear

There was nothing wrong with enjoying an extra helping on Christmas Day. And mama’s mince pies? We hope you loved every bite! The celebrations included a festive time of bubbly, trifle and a roast with all the trimmings. We hope you took pleasure in delicious food, and if you could, good company. And most of all showed guilt the front door! January is the time to shape up and have a reset if you want one. From cleaner eating with a focus on your intrinsic health to treatments that target hard to tone areas, now is your moment. 

Shape Up: Sculpt Away Resistant Weight 

We all know age is the body’s enemy number one. And try as you might; no amount of running or spinning will melt off specific resistant fat. These pockets that don’t want to shift can mean a silhouette that highlights a lump or bump. Perhaps not the look you’re after? And this can be enormously frustrating. If you’re within six kilos of your goal weight, look to treatments like VelaShape™  or Carboxytherapy for reshaping. VelaShape™ gives you options: fatty pockets treatment or cellulite therapy. Or both!

Additionally, you can use this four-in-one combination approach on multiple areas of the body. Have an issue with your inner thighs and your double chin? Choose this skin toning and tightening solution to get your collagen production booming again. Carboxytherapy works differently in that it breaks fatty deposits with carbon dioxide gas. It goes into a specific area – like love handles – and shatters fat cells at a high volume. It’s able to stimulate new vessels and rejuvenate tissue. 

Health 360: Why the RID Diet Means Real Support for Weight Loss

A new year, a diet? Nah! A new approach to a good lifestyle. If you want to get your health on track so your body feels fantastic, the Renewal Institute Diet (RID) might be your happy place. Doctor-lead, this medical plan means the science of cutting edge advances. And why, when you’re faced with a new diet or eating plan, is it easy to give up? Often because you’re left on your own to make sense of it.

RID means a fully comprehensive plan and a medical team taking care of many of your intrinsic health needs. Have you ever struggled with your gut? This, together with hormonal imbalances, can lead to unwanted weight gain. It’s critical to discuss any health concerns or check out major wellness issues. Very importantly, the gut is known for helping with overall health. In other words, a healthy gut, a healthier you. A healthy digestive system means better fat loss and helps prevent weight gain. This is why gut restoration is an integral part of the RID program. In fact, all aspects of wellness that impact weight are carefully considered. Tailored for you, you’ll be supported with lifestyle and health coaching and even sleep restoration. 

Make 2022 the best start ever? Because the festive season is behind you, shape up and celebrate the new year with the happiest version of your body, the way you like it. Here’s to your health – which is always your biggest wealth! 


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