Post-Pandemic Hair Loss: Your Best Treatment Team 

Whether you suffered from the virus itself or the stress that affected you, you may be one-of-those-left-with-a-side-effect-you’re-still-battling-post-pandemic-hair-loss

Whether you suffered from the virus itself or the stress that affected you, you may be one of those left with a side effect you’re still battling: post-pandemic hair loss. The professionals call it telogen effluvium, a term describing a type of temporary hair loss. It usually happens after stress, a shock, or a traumatic event. Hair usually falls out the top of the scalp, and unlike alopecia areata, it’s not a hair loss disorder. So while you wait for your new hair to grow, the trick is to get your scalp as healthy as possible. Clumps of hair falling out while brushing or washing can be very worrying. Encouraging your head to grow new solid hair means a treatment plan that gets it super health – just like you’d treat your skin! 

Your Best Treatment Team: Start with Nutritional Support

Supplementation for hair loss isn’t a new thing, and in fact, it’s an ingenious strategy. If you miss out on essential nutrition, your hair will take a huge knock. Not getting enough vital nutrients like protein, fatty acids, and zinc can also mean telogen effluvium – especially if over a long period. So while you may not be eating lots of salmon or wholegrains, a supplement schedule can support you big time. 

Post-Pandemic Hair Loss: Boost Your System

Once your supplement strategy is in place, rev your body with the kickstart it needs. If you’ve been unwell or under severe stress, your expert healthcare practitioner can guide you through IV Infusions. Blended specifically for hair loss and re-growth, Hair Loss and Hair Growth IV Infusion takes some of the most potent minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to improve absorption of nutrients. This means further boosting hair growth and blocking the hair from falling out. The cocktail comprises Glutathione, Vitamin C, Vitamin B mixes, Zinc and Selenium. Chat to your healthcare expert about how many you may need to get you through your hair journey. 

Treatments for More Hair: What to Invest In

Approaching hair loss from a health perspective is a solid plan. For strong new hair to grow back, your scalp needs to be primed and ready. It’s an extension of the skin on your face, and you’re creating an excellent growing environment by getting it healthy. You can boost this by investing in innovative non-invasive treatments that mean zero downtime. Carboxytherapy for hair loss works on upping circulation through CO2 injections. More oxygen to the scalp means a better supply of nutrients for hair regrowth. And the treatment is simple, safe and can be combined with other therapies. 

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is known to be another winning treatment. A scalp rejuvenator, the science behind it is making new blood vessels for hair follicles so new strands can grow. Platelet Rich Plasma is a blood extract through separation in a centrifuge. The result is a golden liquid with high concentrations of platelets and at least seven growth factors. And that all goes into the scalp to re-energise the hair follicle. This process helps to stop further hair loss and encourages more growth. And that’s something to get excited about. 

Yes, hair loss isn’t something anyone likes to experience. But there are lots of ways to deal with what’s happening. So before you cut off all your lengths, get treatment smart. And then focus on something to help de-stress you. It’s a journey with lots of support on the way. 


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