Insulin Resistance: A New Epidemic And Precursor To Diabetes?

Insulin Resistance As A PreCursor To Diabetes

Insulin resistance is when your bodies cells won’t respond to insulin, and this means that the glucose cannot enter your cells as easily to be utilised by the body for energy.


Why be concerned about insulin resistance?

This health condition results in increased glucose levels in your bloodstream despite your body’s efforts to manage the glucose. When experiencing insulin resistance your body responds by producing more and more insulin. Should this cycle go on long enough, your body will be unable to make enough insulin to maintain normal blood glucose levels, and it results in what most of us are familiar with, diabetes, diabetes 2 and metabolic syndrome.


What is insulin?

It is a hormone made by your pancreas. It allows your cells to use glucose (sugar) for energy.


Symptoms of diabetes 2 or diabetes

These are often subtle and go unnoticed, but here are some of the more classic diabetes symptoms:

– extreme thirst or hunger

– feeling hungry even after a meal

– frequent or increased urination

– tingling sensations in your hands or feet

– feeling more tired than usual


It’s important to remember that a diagnosis of insulin resistance (diabetes 2) or prediabetes is only a warning. You can often reverse these early conditions with healthy lifestyle choices and the guidance of a health care practitioner.


How can you avoid diabetes 2 and ultimately diabetes?

A few simple lifestyle changes may be able to prevent diabetes

– exercising daily

– eating a balanced diet – avoid sugar and carbohydrates where possible

– shaking off the excess weight


In conclusion

For best advice and diagnosis always consult a health care practitioner, a few simple blood tests can determine your status and any lifestyle, dietary and supplement changes you may require. Insulin resistance has become a leading cause of death in our modern society, don’t ignore it!


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