Hydration on call: How Much Water Should We Really Be Drinking?

Hydration on call: How Much Water Should We Really Be Drinking?

It’s probably one of the most repeated pieces of health advice ever. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. It’s reported that over half of us don’t. We forget. Additionally, we get busy, distracted and forget the need to get hydrated. Also, those two flat whites you had before work are pretty filling, right? But water is essential for the wellbeing of bodily function. And it’s used in all our cells. For skin, water means better hydration levels. And that is just the start. More reason to take a big sip right now? 

What’s in Water and Why We Need It

Made up of hydrogen and oxygen, water is one of the most essential natural liquids we can find on Earth. This makes it invaluable, both for us as humans and, of course, for plants and animals. The basics? Your body needs water for survival. As much as you love your diet cola, it doesn’t help keep cells, tissue, and organs working properly. Why else is water a superhero? It keeps your body’s temperature even, removes waste and lubricates your joints. Oh, and very importantly, it carries nutrients to all cells in our body and oxygen to our brain. Go on, another big sip! 

Are Our Water And Hydration Needs Really Different?

It seems like we should drink and drink some more to get in as much water as possible? Well, there is no gold star target for any of us. It’s all about what your body is going through every day. That means temperature, exercise and even your weight. So, your water intake needs to be tailored. But that thought may leave you a little confused, especially if you’re not the water-sipping type. So, here’s a guideline. To stay well-hydrated, think three litres for men and just over two litres for women. Additionally, magnesium can help with dehydration. While upping your water is the way forward, magnesium is an essential electrolyte needed to quench your body’s thirst. Top up your hydration with a quality Multivitamin and Mineral loaded with Magnesium ACC. 

Water and Your Skin: What’s the Big Deal?

That hydration serum you smooth on before your moisturiser, is it doing the work that water can never achieve? Topical skincare products and treatments seem to be the most potent way to complexion perfection. However, regarding hydration and skin health, water shouldn’t be left out in the cold. Research has found a skin link between those not drinking enough water and a dehydrated skin condition. In other words, if you’re not sipping on the good stuff and suffer dehydration already, drinking more water does have a positive effect. It seems to help with the look of your skin and help keep hydration levels balanced. Think of it this way: skin hydration reflects body hydration. So, denying your body water is denying your skin the same. 

Time to fill up that water bottle and amp up your hydration? We think so! Adding blueberries, mint and lemon slices can make the experience all the more refreshing. Find other ways to turn water drinking into a target rather a chore. Hydration Apps like Hydro Coach and Aqualert can be the reminder you need to sip. And meet your water goals! Whichever ways work for you, here’s to better wellbeing in 2022 and beyond.  


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