Hormones And Problem Skins

Hormones And Problem Skins

Hormones affect our bodies from an early age and with the onset of puberty there are constant visible signs of these changes happening in the body. It is important to note that hormones affect men and women differently, it is definitely not a ‘one solution solves all’ problem.


For women the changes are very much noticeable once her menstrual cycle kicks in, added to this is often the onset of a problematic skin. Whilst for men it’s the ‘cracking/breaking’ of the voice, largely accompanied once again by a problematic and/or acneic skin.


Here are 3 basic tips on how to maintain an oily, problematic and acneic skin:


1. Wash your face regularly

Always ensure you have a good facial cleansing wash which contains anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This helps maintain a sterile and hygienic skin and prevents cross contamination from open wounds and pimples.

** We recommend the Clarity Active Cleanse by Lamelle.


2. Don’t squeeze your own pimples

On a problematic and acneic skin the fluid or ‘puss’ is often contaminated, by squeezing your pimples you are in effect spreading the infection and cross contaminating your skin. It is highly recommended that you make a booking at a skin care centre to assist you with the extractions often they will combine this with other treatments to assist in clearing up the breakout, preventing scarring and/or pigmentation.

** We recommend a Beta peel accompanied by either laser Genesis or PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy) where a blue or magenta light is applied to the affected area.


3. Find the source of the hormonal Imbalance

It is important to visit a Doctor and determine exactly what is causing these breakouts. Your Doctor will advise what would be your recommended course of action to balance your hormones both short and long term.

** We recommend a full hormonal screening.


A problematic skin does not have to be the enemy, once you understand the underlying issues it is far easier to treat these imbalances and destroy the root of the problem.


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