Gut Health, Food And How To Avoid Future Illness

Gut Health Food And How To Avoid Future Illness

It’s time to eat your gut healthy! Our digestive system is the heart of our immunity against illness and disease. An unhealthy gut or digestive system results in all kinds health issues.


Can Eating Make Your Gut Healthy?


Simply adding a few healthy suggestions and eliminating known aggravators can achieve a healthy digestive system.

Avoid these for a healthy gut!

Eliminate high-glycemic foods, complex carbs, sugars and white foods. Foods which are high in sugar and trigger a cascade of endocrine responses. Endocrine responses promote inflammatory responses such as acne. It is best to cut out sugar completely and avoid anything with a glycemic index score 70 or upwards.

Avoid dairy consumption but do include probiotic rich yoghurts. Studies reveal that diary is not as high on the list of aggressors when it comes to inflammatory skin disorders with milk products. Milk proteins and added hormones wreak havoc in the gut. Try dairy alternatives such as nut milk and nut butter, they offer the added bonus of being low-glycemic.


Include these for a healthy gut!

Antioxidants form part of the big 5 of good health practices. Research shows that antioxidants, such as resveratrol, astaxanthin, pycnogenol, ubiquinol and curcumin can fight oxidative stress. The result is that they minimise skin ageing, inflammation and breakouts as a result.

Incorporate healthy bacteria. It is important to assist our gut in maintaining it’s immunity from the inside out. Adding both a pre and probiotic supplement to your supplement arsenal every day. Pre and probiotics contain a healthy strain of bacteria, which can restore balance in a compromised gut. The gut-brain-skin theory suggests that when good bacteria bloom from probiotics or yoghurt it has a positive effect on breakouts.

Incorporate low-glycemic foods in your diet. Low-glycemic foods have a prolonged slow release of energy into the body. Whole grains alternatives should be substituted. Examples are sweet potatoes instead of potatoes, multigrain bread instead of white bread. Foods need to ideally score under 55 points on the glycemic index for best results.


On a new health journey always consult a medical practitioner for best advice. This ensures that you get the correct dosages and the appropriate supplements. Nutraceuticals and food state vitamins are more readily absorbed by the body, so as to ensure maximum efficacy.


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  1. Lyn Marshall

    I am desperately in need of someone to assist me with Candida / Leaky Gut / Other health problems

    • admin

      Hi Lyn

      You can contact one of our friends over at Health Renewal; they are functional medicine doctors who specialize in this kind of health concerns. Here is their contact information



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