Hair Loss: Gain Volume & Strength With These Renewing Treatments

Hair Loss: Gain Volume & Strength With These Renewing Treatments

Hair Loss? Remember when Rachel from Friends suddenly cut all her hair off and sported a chic, blunt bob? Some thought, “mad girl, you have such beautiful, long hair.” Others loved her edgy new do. The point was that she (well, actually, Jennifer Aniston) always had a gorgeous full head of hair to play with. Still does.


As we age – or even go through a spell of ill health – the strands we love start to fall more freely. Thinning hair happens. Traction alopecia also happens. Whether your hair is tightly pulled down or back due to styling, you’re feeling stressed out, going through a hormonal shift, or even the side effect of meds, seeing pieces of hair flow down the shower drain is depressing and unnerving. However, just like you take your facial skin in for treatment, your scalp also needs therapy when your strands are going south. Renewal treatments mean serious business. Get ready to inject new life into less-than-there hair.


Gaining Volume and Strength: Your Treatment Toolbox

Before you freak about booking your scalp in for a total hair overhaul (you might actually relish that sound), know that with some simple health checks, the mystery of hair loss may be uncovered. Traction alopecia can be spotted by a receding hairline and often breakouts on the forehead or base of braids. For some hair loss, you have to dive deeper. For instance, when last did you have your iron levels checked out?


Hair shedding (it’s known as telogen effluvium, which increases when your iron is low. It also means hair growth is limited. But the situation is easily fixed. Iron supplements can reload your body’s iron stores. Another good health check to do is your thyroid. In optimal thyroid function?


If you aren’t, hair loss and other issues like weight gain, brain fog and digestive problems are often an apparent sign. After a proper diagnosis, supplement treatment can help get your thyroid function back on track. While supplements to boost healthy, swishy hair can be a real hair saver, medications can do the opposite. While not known to be a common side effect, unfortunately, some chronic meds may cause you to lose strands. Have a frank conversation with your doctor regarding drugs that could interfere with the follicle cycle.


Hair Renewal Treatments: Top Hitters for Better Hair Days

You’re just not ready to settle for a constant ponytail for every occasion. We hear you. The trick is to remember that any treatment worth its salt – or, in this case, worth your strands – needs to target the root cause of the problem. In other words, that’s where it has to work its magic; at the roots of your hair. Treatments like boosting blood flow with carboxytherapy shots help stimulate hair growth factors. This therapy also revs up collagen production.


Increased circulation and improved collagen synthesis stimulate follicles, responsible for increased hair growth. Another way of doing this is through photodynamic light therapy (PDT), which is used to stimulate deeper skin tissue. Again, it’s able to penetrate where the hair roots need fuelling. Fabulous flowing locks may mean helping blood flow better once more. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) could sound a little drastic, but this is liquid gold when it comes to a bouncy blow-dry. Literally.


Blood is extracted and separated through a carefully processed treatment until it’s down to a solution of growth factors. These help restore and regenerate the hair follicles. The approach? Blood produces new and healthy blood vessels essential in hair follicle charge. And perhaps you do need the big guns. Think successful scalp rejuvenation with low to moderate risks.


So what’s the final word on hair loss?

Hair loss can be a stressful experience. Perhaps it is one you want to avoid talking about. It can happen to anyone at any age or time of life. And while yes, it does hamper your confidence, so much can be done to boost your strands and restore your hair to its former glory. Expert advice is vital; treatments that seem too good to be true probably are.


Let an expert healthcare professional guide you and help you navigate your hair renewal journey. Happy hair days are in sight.


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