GABA: Relax your mind and boost your brain power together!

GABA Relax your mind and boost your brain power at the same time

Life is busy. By day, we’re multitasking maniacs and then, when it’s time to turn off, we’re still thinking about how we’re going to tackle tomorrow. The result is the inability to focus on any single chore before a night of tossing and turning in bed. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to know more about the life-changing supplement that is gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).


A neurotransmitter-like compound made by your brain, GABA’s primary role is to lower the activity of your brain cells, switching them to a gear that makes it easier to relax and concentrate.


The great things about GABA

When you hear the words “lower brain cell activity” you might think that’s counter intuitive to a better-functioning brain, but it’s not. When your brain is calm, you can concentrate. Think about it. How well can you recall information when you’re panicking or under pressure? (“I’m late! Where are my keys?!”) You’re always better at doing anything when you’re relaxed.


Naturally, GABA is a wonderful supplement for anyone suffering from insomnia, a group proven to typically not have enough of it. It encourages the deepest state of sleep, the slow wave-kind, that helps you wake up feeling refreshed. Traditional sleeping tablets, on the other hand, might be able to put you under, but they decrease the amount of time you spend in the slow-wave state. This means you end up getting the hours, but not the quality you need.


More great GABA benefits? Studies have shown that increasing your levels can reduce high blood pressure, improve your mood, decrease anxiety, relieve pain and help treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). GABA is also a brilliant pick for athletes. Sure, the concentration-boosting factor would naturally improve your golf and tennis game, but it also encourages lean muscle growth, increases fat burning. (If you’re a dieter and your ears have just pricked up, you’ll be glad to know it can also reduce your appetite!)


How to get GABA

When it comes to elevating your GABA levels, supplementation is always the best way to go as you won’t find it in food. The only way you could possibly do it, albeit indirectly and not very effectively, would be to eat more foods that contain lots of glutamate and vitamin B6 – nutrients that are essential to GABA synthesis. You could also try loading up on fermented food and drinks, things like kimchi and kombucha. Research has shown that their probiotic content may naturally elevate GABA, but more studies are required to fully understand and prove the effect. Alternatively try supplementing.


The bottom line

If you’re a stress bunny struggling to do it all and get the rest you need, or simply want to improve your brain’s ability to focus, consider taking this supplement. It’s the best way to increase your GABA levels, especially since you can’t do so directly via your diet. Still, it’s important to take a high quality supplement always consult a doctor.


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