Find Your Calm: Stress-Induced Habits Your Never Knew About

Find Your Calm: Stress-Induced Habits Your Never Knew About

Is there current level of high stress showing up on your skin, are you struggling to find your calm? It may not just be skin flare ups that are new companions. If you’ve noticed a body focused repetitive behaviour (BFRB) you’re not alone. In fact, it’s reported that as many as one in 20 people struggle with BFRB. But when is nail biting or skin picking just a bad habit or something more? Obsessive compulsive disorder is very important to have diagnosed. This is where specialist medical intervention is of real benefit. Seeing an expert healthcare professional means looking at your struggle from the inside out. In addition, what support you may need and how your health can be boosted. Feeling a little better already?

Here are some BFRB issues and ways to improve your wellbeing and help you find your calm

Skin Picking

Finding your calm may mean feeling like you there’s an itch to scratch. If sensory stimulation has been a challenge for you, perhaps there’s a link? Maybe it’s the roughness of a scab or a bump of a pimple that bothers you. Skin pickers are known to calm once the area is picked and their skin feels smooth. But what’s really going on with your emotional health? Are you an occasional pimple popper or feeling the need to pick constantly? Extracting acne and breakouts yourself can mean infection of the area. And that could even lead to scaring. Remember, breakouts do need to be treated holistically so a proper reason is found. Depression as well as leaky gut and even autoimmune disease can all contribute. So rather than only treat picking itself, look at what’s causing the issue you want to remove.

Hair Pulling

Many of us fiddle with our hair. From twirling to breaking off split ends, hair BFRB is common. While hair twirling is usual, it’s probably harmless, some hair habits aren’t. Heard of trichotillomania? Those who suffer from it actually pull the hair out from an area of the body. This can be anywhere; the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes and even pubic hair. Known to affect more women than men in adulthood, anxiety is one of suggested causes. Trichotillomania is classified as a mental health condition and won’t go away on its own. However you can support hair growth with the night nutritional supplementation. Ensure your foundational supplements are in check. A good quality daily multi-vitamin, Omega 3, Vitamin D and Zinc are very helpful. And remember to include a good anti-oxidant such as Glutathione. For a super-powerful dose of hair growth stimulation, discuss an IV infusion with your healthcare provider. Additionally an option that treats hair growth and loss may care for your strands. Think of this as sure-fire backup while you focus on your emotional health needs.

Nail Biting

Scientists are still trying to figure out why people bite their nails. However it’s suggested up to 30 percent of the world does so. And a similar percentage bite their cuticles. Current thinking behind nail biting is that it helps us even out our emotions. And, when we’re bored, it provides stimulation. Or, when we’re stressed out or frustrated, it provides a temporary calm. Again, looking at the root of your emotional health and other health issues is key. And so is supporting your nail health. Weak nails are often a result of constantly putting them in your mouth. Help them gain strength with an IV infusion that puts back essential nutrients. Adding supplements like Omega-3 Fatty Acids can do wonders for the nail bed. And if you’re experiencing brittle nails, be sure to add this super food to your supplementation. To boost nail growth get your Vitamin C in. It’s a building block of fingernails, hair and teeth.

Feeling more encouraged to find your calm? Adopting a holistic healthcare approach and the support you need can make all the difference. Here’s to renewed wellness and a happy life’s journey.


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