Emotional Overload: Is Your Body Crying Time out!

Emotional Overload Is Your Body Crying Time out

Emotional overload has become commonplace sadly. We live in a world where fast action and fast-paced life is now the norm. The consequences, however, can be dire if you do not look after your health and your body.

Often we are not aware of how much our bodies are crying ‘Time -Out!’ until it is far too late. By then our bodies are already manifesting a physical and mental overload through burn-out, depression, exhaustion, and illness.


Emotional overload what are the signs?

Unfortunately, the world is not going to stand still and let you recover, however, there are steps you can take to firstly regain your health and thereafter rebuild your immune system and achieve balance once again.

Here are a few suggested guidelines for dealing with stress and a depleted body:

1. Eat a balanced diet

Eating a balanced diet is vital to restore and replace necessary essential vitamins and minerals, usually when we are pushed for time and stressed, our eating habits are the first to go down the drain.

Avoid eating junk food by keeping only healthy food at home. Stock up on ‘ healthy balance instant meals’, there are a variety of supermarkets that offer ready-made meals which are nutritious. These meals are usually pre-packed and therefore take no time or effort to prepare at all.


2. Supplement your diet with additional vitamins

When operating at full capacity and eating healthily you will need to supplement your body with vitamins and minerals targeted to assist your body in coping with stress, anxiety, and concentration.


We highly recommend you try the following supplements:

SOLGAR – Beta Glucans Immune Supplement – to boost your immune system.

SOLGAR – VM 2000 – High dose vitamins, non-acidic vitamin C and a herbal plant base of containing amino acids and ginseng for an active lifestyle.

3. Have regular health checks

It is important to have regular health screens for anaemia, hormones, cholesterol and general wellness.


A healthy body is a must

Consider the following example: we service our cars, change the tires, fill up the tank, replace the oil and ensure that the car is fully functional. In essence, this demonstrates exactly what we should be doing with our bodies, after all, we are a ‘human vehicle’ which needs care, attention, and regular servicing too.


In conclusion

Don’t let burnt out get you, listen to your body when it cries ‘Time-Out!’


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