Balancing Hormones: Little Steps To Getting Your Health Right

Balancing Hormones & Little Steps To Getting Your Health Right

Balancing hormones is not easy, they do not like to be disturbed. Considering that our bodies are governed by hormones, you may just want to take care and make a few adjustments to both your lifestyle and your diet.


Balancing hormones, what can you do?


Sleep plays a huge role in helping your body to cope on a daily basis, hormones also fall into this sphere and therefore if you aren’t getting enough sleep, your hormones will definitely suffer and even become imbalanced.


Supplement wisely

In a perfect world, we would be getting sufficient vitamins, nutrients, fresh air and sunshine on a daily basis, this, however, is not the case!


It is, therefore, best to always consult a healthcare practitioner for the best advice on supplements that your body may deficient in, this is the best practice for balancing hormones. Hormones are oil soluble and it is therefore of the utmost importance to include healthy fatty acids in your diet or through supplementation.


Balancing hormones the natural way

Here are few supplements we personally consider to be vital:

–   Omega- 3 Fatty Acids or Krill Oil

–   Magnesium

–   Vitamin D3

–   Curcumin

–   A potent nutraceutical Multi-Vitamin


Fix Your Leptin

If your Leptin levels are out of balance, it may affect all other hormones in the body. It is also possible to become Leptin Resistant to certain health conditions, such as adrenal fatigue. The good news is there are medical weight loss programs which can assist in this regard. Balancing your Leptin will make weight loss easier, improve sleep, and lower inflammation in the body.


Hormonal Screening

So few women have ever had a hormonal screen or profiling done. Sometimes a simple imbalance in oestrogen can result in hot flashes, weight packing on around your tummy and even fertility problems. An abundance of testosterone can result in abnormal hair growth, menstrual problems, or an even a deepening of the voice. Therefore it stands to reason that balancing hormones should be a priority on everyone’s list.


We highly recommend consulting a health care practitioner who can advise you on what blood tests are required and provide you with Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, if necessary, to restore your body’s hormone balance.


In conclusion, have your hormones checked today!


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  1. Sharnay

    Please let me have the cost of your bio identical Hormone therapy. When is best time to have this tested and will medical aid cover the blood tests

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Sharnay, your first step would be a consultation to assess whether you are a suitable candidate. .The consultation is R450 and is redeemable against your first treatment , but STRICTLY to be redeemed within the first 3 months after your initial consultation. Here is a link to all our branch info I hope that helps. Regards Heather


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