Allergies: Not Just To Be Put Aside, Ignored Or Sneezed At!

Allergies Not To Be Sneezed At

It is once again the change of seasons and everywhere you go there are coughs, sniffs and sneezes, closely followed by ‘bless you!’. Allergies occur when a person experiences hypersensitivity of the immune system. This causes one to respond aggressively to otherwise harmless elements found in the surrounding environment. There is a wide variety of common allergens. These when inhaled cause various reactions such as sneezing, tearing of the eyes and coughing burst.


Yes, allergies are once again rearing up their ugly head in the form of:

– itchiness, stuffiness and/or having a runny nose,

– postnasal drip, as well as experiencing facial pressure and even pain

– a tingling sensation, swelling of the mouth and lips, and an itchy throat

– swollen, itchy eyes and a red irritated colour

– wheezing, coughing, difficulty in breathing, and even shortness of breath

– hives and raised lesions, rashes and swelling on the skin


Allergies can be debilitating and can take anything from a few hours to a few days to present their symptoms. Common allergens at this time of seasonal change are pollen from trees and flowers, animal dander (much like human dandruff), dust, and mould.


Allergies and solutions

The good news is that it is possible to prepare your body and build up your immune system using integrative medicine. This form of medicine is most effective when used prior to a change of season. Herbs such as Quercetin (500mg) to be used in conjunction with Vitamin C.


However, it cannot be overemphasised that one must not self-medicate. Self-medicating is done when a person takes prescription medication or nutraceuticals on their own. This is done without a doctor’s supervision and/or consent. By not having a physical examination and blood testing done by a qualified and practising integrative medical practitioner.


Quercetin is a heart-healthy chemical called a flavonoid and is a natural anti-inflammatory that can block histamine’s effects before they start and available as a nutraceutical.


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