Adrenal Fatigue: How to beat burnout, before it beats you!

Adrenal Fatigue: How to beat burnout, before it beats you!

In challenging times it’s not surprising we’re faced with health issues like adrenal fatigue. Apart from the usual daily stressors, current times are making us all feel under strain. And if this stress feels like it’s creating health concerns, it’s time to get proactive. From supplementation to therapies, a broad treatment plan means managing things in a healthy way. Here’s how to handle burn out.

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

It’s a complex health issue. In addition to “feeling” stressed, you may also experience many other things. This is because of being in constant “fight or flight” mode. When your cortisol levels are forever high, your body is alerting you to possible danger. This means that your main stress hormone is being produced continuously. And, what does that do to your system? It could lead to feeling worn out, depressed, anxious, sleepless and even brain fog. Other health problems are known to be linked to adrenal fatigue. Maybe you’re trying to lose weight but it’s just not happening? Obesity may also be connected to stress hormones. Digestive, sexual and thyroid problems as well as heart disease can be challenges too.

What is Chronic Stress vs Burn Out?

Now, imagine you’re in a chronic stressed state long term. It’s ok to get short bursts of cortisol. When the body needs to be in “fight or flight” mode, cortisol is helpful. Also, our systems are designed to cope with it. What we can’t deal with is lengthy cortisol release. As well as chronic stress health issues that start to develop, more fixed damage occurs. Age-related diseases are known to be a result of high blood pressure. This and insulin resistance attack formerly healthy bodies. So, when the burn out sets in so too can the start of long-term diseases.

What’s your Go-To Supplementation?

Before buying just any nutraceuticals, speak to your healthcare professional about the way forward. Tackling biochemical imbalances is an important factor. Your doctor or practitioner may also need to look at issues like your DHEA levels. These help your stress hormone to be kept in balanced. Also ensure you’re on a good quality multivitamin and mineral daily supplement. This gives you all the right missing nutrients your body needs, at all times. To handle burn out, ask your expert about supplementation with stress fighting benefits. Nutraceuticals like Pro-Pheroid Glutathione and Leptin Formulation are known to help with stress. As the gut produces 90 percentage of our happy hormone serotonin, we need to keep it healthy. A supplement for good gut health like L-Glutamine means wellbeing from your core. High Potency Zinc too is another immunity and gut health booster. And it’s great to add to your nutraceutical routine.

Ready to show burn out the door? You may have been told you just need to relax more. It’s near impossible stress less with adrenal fatigue. A real health concern, that can lead to many others, your burn out needs treatment. Here’s to starting an expert healthcare journey, and to feeling so much better!


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