Skin Saving Tips: 4 Ways To Give Your Skin A New Lease On Life

4 Skin Saving Tips

Sometimes the most obvious solutions can be the most effective. Here are some simple skin saving tips which are easy to implement.

Start with these:

1. De-stress your Life

Stabilise your life and reduce stress levels where possible, this prevents internal ageing frown lines and so much more. Find something that relaxes you and set time aside to actually do this. Make time for a relaxing massage and don’t worry about the small irritations of life, often they cannot be changed and the only person who suffers will be you.

2. Small Effort, Big Reward

Find simple ways to keep your skin healthy every day, each effort will add up to a better looking skin in the long term. As an example, keep some hydration mist handy during the heat of summer or put on a face-mask just before your shower so you can rinse it off whilst in the shower.

3. Have a Professional Facial Regularly

Salon treatments are great because your therapist can address any specific problems she may notice during your treatment.

It is recommended to have an anti-ageing facial with peptides every four to six weeks, not only will your skin benefit but the forced relaxation will be great for reducing stress levels as well.

Early prevention also works wonders! If you start noticing tiny wrinkles, consult one of our doctors who will use small amounts of Botox® or filler to prevent further skin deterioration and lessen the use of large quantities as you age.

4. Drink your Skin Superheroes

Hydration is the key to a younger-looking skin. Therefore ensure you drink lots of filtered water to ensure your skin is properly hydrated, and add some lemon or aloe vera juice for additional skin-saving nutrients.

As you can see these are not overly complicated, so what’s holding you up? Make those changes today and see the results in years to come.


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