Pillows: Are You Sleeping On The Enemy Every Night & Causing Wrinkles?

Pillows Are You Sleeping On The Enemy Every Night And Causing Wrinkles

Pillows are a vital part of our sleep ritual, but they can ruin a good night’s sleep or cause wrinkles thanks to friction.

Are you sleeping incorrectly, are your pillows the enemy and are you using the wrong linens?

– Nothing like new cotton linen, wrong! Nothing like new satin pillowcases!

– Did you know that sleeping on your side not only makes your pillow the enemy but it also makes you more wrinkled?

– How often do you wash your linen?

Let’s delve a little deeper into these questions …

– Cotton is the enemy

For comfort and breathability, most bed linen is made from some form of cotton/polyester blend. That is unless you are one of the lucky few who have Egyptian Cotton or high-end bedding. The problem is that when you are sleeping these linens are not smooth and therefore offer resistance. As a result, they stretch and drag the skin.

The solution: Invest in a few satin/silk pillowcases. They are smooth offer no resistance and therefore do not drag the skin as much as the cotton fibres do. By having pillowcases that have a sheen you will reduce future wrinkles and sleep easy knowing that your pillow is no longer the enemy.

– Linen, the breeding ground

How often do you wash your bed linen? Did you know that you are constantly shedding hair, skin cells and transporting bacteria which live on the skin? Did you know that we all have mites on our linen, these feed off the oils and dead skin cells left on our pillows? It’s true!

Fact: Our skin replaces itself between every 28 – 42 days which means that all those cells are lying everywhere in your house.

The solution: Wash your linen at least once a week, especially focus on your pillowcases which have a wealth of dead skin, oils and make up … a virtual feast for these beasties!

Excuse to be pampered: Having regular peels gets rid off dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin.

– Sleeping on your side is making you age faster

When asleep we are practically unconscious, this is great for recharging the batteries but for those of us who sleep on our sides it means wrinkles.

We toss around as we sleep and turn on our sides. Our face is thrashed about, stretched and squished into our pillows and often stretched upwards. This creates unwanted wrinkles and results in premature ageing.

The solution: Try sleeping on your back and if need be stitch some old wooden cotton reels to the sides of your pajamas until your body gets used to the new sleeping position (it works).

Excuse to be pampered: Existing fine lines and wrinkles can easily be helped with Fraxel Dual Laser skin rejuvenation or injectables, why not spoil yourself today!

Whatever you do, be wise and remember prevention is better than cure!


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