Masculine And Maintained, A Male Approach To Skin Care

Masculine And Maintained A Male Approach To Skin Care

Masculine and maintained men who share that they spend good money on anti-ageing, relaxation, and grooming treatments have always been met with mixed feelings by their friends and compatriots. It has been comments such as ‘nah! that’s not for me!’ or ‘I thought only women do that?’ which have resulted in men keeping mum about their treatments.


Masculine and maintained despite public scrutiny

Diet and exercise can help put that bounce back in a man’s step. However, you can also help stave off ageing and level the playing field with skin treatments. Masculine and maintained does not mean feminine. There are a wealth of nonsurgical medical procedures designed to give your appearance that rested, relaxed look.


Whether it is the fear of being judged or the fear of having their masculinity questioned we will never know, but what we do know is that male client’s using anti-ageing techniques such as The Liquid Facelift, Botox and Laser is on the rise. Changes to the face take place in men too, although men generally don’t pay much attention to the signs of ageing. The solution to keep looking youthful and cool is to go see an Aesthetic Doctor to have a male facial treatment assessment and a treatment plan that can take off a couple of months (6 – 24 months) and make you feel good and confident without looking unnatural or in any way feminised.


In conclusion

Is it really that hard to believe that men also enjoy hanging onto a clear, blemish free and youthful complexion? They too wish to, minimise their lines and wrinkles by choice. Who is a society to judge and label what is accepted or not accepted, when it is very much a personal choice which brings about personal happiness?

We celebrate men who enjoy looking after themselves at any age!


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