Facial Features & Exercise: The Anti-Ageing Secret

Facial Features & Exercise The Anti-Ageing Secret
 Facial features and exercise a new anti-ageing discovery. Research now show that women who work out a minimum of twice a week, may actually be doing their cheekbones a favour!

Here’s why your facial features can benefit from exercise…

According to a Canadian study, women over 65 who worked out at least two hours a week for three months had the skin composition of someone 20 to 30 years younger ..shocking but true!

Researchers credit myokines, these are growth factors that hard-working muscles pump into the bloodstream (when exercising), where they then carry out different functions and in essence benefit the skin all over.

A good enough reason not to skip the gym I think!

For those who have left it a little too late, fear not! Dermal fillers can soon plump up and add volume to the cheekbones in no time.


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