Exfoliation: 3 Places You May Be Skipping When Exfoliating

Exfoliation 3 Places You May Be Skipping When Exfoliating

Exfoliation is a mechanical process comprised of products which are either enzymatic or have tiny bead like spheres to slough off and remove dead skin.

Many of us do make the effort to exfoliate our face and body especially as summer approaches and we wish to look smooth and svelte on the beaches. However, there are 3 vital areas that you may be skipping simply because you have never really paid them any heed.

Exfoliation, areas you need to remember

Exfoliation on the face – Eyebrows

The eyebrows are the frame of the face; they also form a trap for perspiration, dirt and dust to fall into. This is to ensure that we do not get particles into our eyes. The truth, however, is that they are full of bacteria, dead skin and makeup too.

Next time you exfoliate consider including the eyebrow area. It will clean out all the dirt and bugs and stimulate the blood flow in that area giving your eyebrows a little health boost as well.

For effective skin peels, considering having a professional glycolic skin peel. Skin peels work deeper and can easily be applied to the eyebrow area.

Exfoliation on the body – Underarms

How often do we do a full body exfoliation prior to a self-tan application or a glamorous night out and we completely forget to exfoliate the underarms resulting in a patchy tan application?

Just because it is not seen does not mean that it does not require some attention and the dead skin to be removed.

Exfoliation on the extremities – Hands

Often in the process of exfoliating, we get wrapped up in the exposed areas of skin and forget to include the hands. The hands are generally covered in product, however, they still require a good rub with some friction to remove the dead skin. This not only removes dead skin but also stimulates circulation.

The hands are one of those areas that show ageing long before anywhere else, don’t skip it! Remember there are now treatments that can also assist with pigmentation (Fraxel Dual Laser) and lack of volume such as fillers to help with hands showing veins and tendons, aiding in keeping hands looking youthful and plump.


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