Mindful Eating: Five Ways To Up Your Nutritional Game This Winter

Mindful Eating: Five Ways To Up Your Nutritional Game This Winter

Winter is the perfect time to cosy up in front of the screen and treat yourself to delicious nibbles. And who doesn’t want to keep cosy with a hot chocolate, popcorn and sweetie haul? It’s ok to enjoy yourself; there’s no question about that. But for those chasing weight loss – and weight maintenance – mindful eating is key to keeping your beautiful silhouette in shape. And it may just be a case of a few tweaks in a season known for indulgent food. Think good-for-you meals that are nutrient-dense and change a few habits.

What Your Sugar Cravings Mean

Winter may not be the only time you crave sugar. Known to be a possible sign of zinc, chromium, iron, calcium and magnesium low, reaching for sugary treats might be something you need to watch. Magnesium is essential to zone in and worth checking out if you’re worried you might not have enough in your system. 

Mindful Eating Changes

  • Less Red Meat, More Mindful Healthy Fats

Yes, a good ‘ol burger is the ultimate comfort food. And it should be tucked into when you really feel like one. But if you’re on a shape-shifting mission, then watch your red meat intake. Red meat is packed with protein but can also be loaded with fat; opt for leaner cuts. You don’t need to promise to go full-on vegetarian; simply think lean meats—skinless chicken, for example. Even a sirloin with the fat cut-off is a smarter option. And adding some healthy fats (avo, eggs and fatty fish like salmon, tuna and anchovies) mean meat-free eating is possible and delicious. 

  • Think Sustainable and Go Plants!

Living more sustainably can extend to your eating too. Did you know that adding more plants to your meals means you’re helping your gut health? This then boosts immunity and reduces inflammation. And, of course, it puts far less chemical pressure on the environment. You don’t just have to think fruits and veggies; nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains, legumes and beans are part of a plant-based food list. They can bulk up and add taste to a salad or even a lean protein bowl. 

Weight Loss solutions

  • Follow an Expert Plan: The RID Diet Unpacked 

Often it’s much easier to follow a well-set-out eating plan when managing your weight—especially when the meal planning is all done for you. Enter the Renewal Institute Diet (RID), a medically-designed way to shift kilos. A holistic and scientific approach that focuses on balanced health means there are no fads, deprivation or trying to figure out what you can and can’t eat. Think of it as setting healthy principles and lifestyle changes that’ll do wonders for you nutritionally over time. 

  • Boost Your Body: A Shot for Your System and The Season

Want to kickstart weight loss? Help your system flush those toxins and boost it with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help shed extra kilos. An IV Infusion like Weight Loss Boost Infusion Cocktail helps your body regain balance by lowering inflammation. 

Are You Ready For Change?

Are you feeling ready to shelve the chocolate chip cookies for now and put mindful eating as a priority? Or maybe re-think your approach to treats and sweets? It doesn’t have to be forever. Sometimes your swaps will lead to longer lifestyle changes; sometimes, they’ll just help you reach a short-term goal. Rest assured, there are simple ways for you to keep your body healthy and happy this season. You got this!  


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