Body contouring: When is it an option and is it for me?

Body contouring: When is it an option and is it for me?

Summer’s on the way and many have been working on creating their idea of an ultimate “beach body”. Just a quick scroll through Instagram reveals friends who are suddenly so much leaner-looking. But here you are, still trying to get the number on the scale to go down after six months of back and forth. Yep, as it turns out, losing weight is harder for some than others. But, if you’ve reached the point where you’ve started to google surgical solutions like liposuction, now’s the time to take a step back. In short, any procedure that removes fat from your body is not a weight loss solution. Ever. Body contouring however might be your new best friend.

While there’s most definitely a place for these type of procedures, they don’t exist to help you drop a dress size. They are, however, a very valuable tool for anyone who’s already reached their goal weight and just wants to refine their silhouette. But even then, any type of surgery comes with high risks. Happily, this is where body contouring comes in. These knife-free solutions can serve up amazing results when it comes to melting away stubborn areas of fat in a very targeted area. Like just under your chin or the fat roll that sits just above your bra.

But why body contouring?

Many don’t realise that, even with a surgical solution like liposuction, there’s only ever a certain amount of fat that can safely be removed from your body. Various factors influence how much a doctor could vacuum out. Going over that limit could have disastrous, if not fatal consequences. Think fluid shifts and electrolyte abnormalities that could stop your heart! Also, you’ve got to consider your skin. If all your fat cells had to suddenly disappear, what would you do with the excess skin?

There’s also the rebound factor. As we said, losing weight is tricky. Assuming you could magically zap it off, if you’d yet to establish a lifestyle that could keep it off, or had an addressed underlying health condition that makes it tricky to lose weight, you’d regain it fast. Only this time around, you might be left with scars, lumps and bumps. When you undergo liposuction, your fat cells are permanently destroyed and they can’t return. But the weight you regain has to go somewhere. So, if you’ve permanently zapped your love handles, the newfound fat could accumulate just above and below them, creating a “shark bite” appearance. Can we get an “eek!”?

So am I doomed?

No! Not at all. The smartest way to achieve your best body yet is to first lose the weight naturally. Sure, it’s hard. But it can be done. Especially if you’re on a proven medical weight loss plan as opposed to a crazy celebrity diet you found on the internet. Then, once you’ve reached your goal weight, you’ll be a great candidate for a targeted fat removal treatment to perfect your silhouette. But don’t let risky, invasive liposuction be your first port of call. Rather become one of the many who’ve gotten brilliant results from safe, non-invasive body contouring solutions. They can deliver amazing results with zero downtime, no scarring nor the risk of being left with loose skin. In fact, many of them can actually tighten up loose skin and even improve the look of cellulite.

Results without the risk

A series of iLipo Ultra treatments is a fantastic alternative to traditional liposuction. No knives, no scars, no downtime, no risk! The device used emits a low dose of light that breaks down the fat cell walls. This causes it to move out of the cell and into your lymphatic system to be excreted naturally, the same way you’d lose fat from diet and exercise. This way, you never have to worry about being left with loose skin.

Cryolipo fat freezing is another safe, scar-free way to shift a targeted area of unwanted fat. The device painlessly freezes unwanted fat cells. Then, over a period of weeks, they’re excreted the same way you’d shed fat naturally. Again, there’s no risk of ruining the laxity of your skin.

Other body contouring options

There are many radiofrequency (RF) devices that can be used to contour, including Exilis Elite, Titania, Lavatron, VelaShape and Accent. They all use RF energy to stimulates the growth of new collagen, tightens what exists, metabolises fat and improves your circulation. The device that would suit you best would depend on variables like the area you want to treat and your main concern. A good therapist could suggest what would suit you best.

Injectable fat-dissolving treatments like lipodissolve and Ceccarelli fat lipolysis can break down fat cells so your body can flush them out naturally. Lipodissolve works well on smaller areas like a pocket of fat beneath the chin because the solution is more viscous and doesn’t “spread”. Ceccarelli, however, is less so. This makes it a best for larger areas like the inside of your knee.

The bottom line

Ultimately, if you’re wanting to lose a large amount of weight, body contouring solutions aren’t the answer. But if you’re wanting to target a very specific area, they’re a brilliant way to reveal your best body yet!


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