Supplements for Wellness: Tackle Detox, Weight, Inflammation and More

Janu-worry may be behind you, but those two-minute noodles you snacked on? Yup, it’s time to ditch those! Often, we focus so much on weight loss that we miss the point of getting our bodies healthy. Unlike a digital detox – staying off social media to get your calm back – a detox for your body means adding in some wellness support to prop up your system. Now’s the time to look at supplements to get you through. Clean eating, yes! But what else is aiding your body in removing harmful toxins? The year has just begun; it’s time to meet some helpers you’ll enjoy taking. 


Detox Supplements: First Stop Inflammation

Inflammation in the body is very normal. It’s chronic (ongoing) inflammation that’s the sucker punch.


Basically, inflammation is the body’s immune system’s response to an irritant. The irritant might be a germ, but it could also be a foreign object, like a splinter in your finger. When to worry is how inflammation can play devil’s advocate with your health over the long term. You need to keep a check that it’s not contributing to dread disease. The easiest way to lower your inflammation is with clean eating. If you need to make a few minor adjustments, reduce your sugar and fructose intake. But if you are overweight, a medically approached and monitored plan like the RID Diet means addressing the root causes of why your body is carrying excess fat. And thanks to health coaching, supplements that support inflammation are chosen for your overall goal: a healthier and happier body. 


Wellness in a Bottle: What Can Support Your Body Now? 

Google “the one supplement everyone should be taking” and the answer is a great multivitamin. Think you only need this in Winter – cue cold and flu season? A Multivitamin and Mineral help year-round just by upping your memory and mood. Furthermore, there is evidence that popping one can help lower the risk of heart disease. And yes, you can get the flu in Summer.


And what’s more likely is gastroenteritis. Want to help your gut? Apart from that, multivitamins and minerals add high-potency zinc, a natural antioxidant support known to aid digestion. And because the gut is so important to keep well, put back what’s already there – you may need some shoring up!


L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and may be one clever healer. Helping to protect the mucosal lining of the gastrointestinal tract, it’s also known to strengthen the immune system. 


Ready to get fighting fit this February? Your body and health will thank you in the coming year. Intelligent choices mean a stronger, leaner and more energetic you. All great things! Go get ’em! 


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