Body Ageing: Youth Boosting Solutions for Areas Showing Your Age  

Body Ageing: Youth Boosting Solutions for Areas Showing Your Age 

We all do it; spend time researching serums and chemical peels that’ll help keep us young-looking and beautiful. Slathering on that sunscreen but forgetting to smooth it down to your neck? Never give your hands a lick of hydration? It’s the same story: the face gets all the anti-ageing treatment, but areas of the body ageing, well, that gets none. It’s normal. No guilty feelings here. Just know there are many effective ways to work on areas that need TLC. Fast!


Areas Showing Your Age: The Zones Needing a Youth Boost

Time for a body scan? You may find the areas of skin that need treatment are the ones that aren’t hidden by clothes. In other words, they’re very often directly hit by the sun. Therein lies your biggest clue as to why maintaining them is essential. Take your hands, for instance; they will show signs of wrinkles and volume loss as you age, and sun damage too. Always in your car? Yup, those paws on your steering wheel have clocked up some miles in the sun. And so has your décolleté. It’s a delicate zone of skin, and add sun exposure to the mix, and you’ll see speckled-looking skin (a mottled texture). 


Then there’s sleep. Amazing for you, but not so great for your chest area. Just by sleeping in a certain position, creases can form. Yikes! It’s no wonder that as we age, our faces, boosted by our anti-ageing regime, retain their vitality but our necks and décolleté giveaway our years. Speaking of the neck, this part of the body is one hard worker. And because of the movement it’s constantly making, it’s going to line. Seeing neckbands yet? Time for some prejuvenation


Solutions for Body Ageing: Take Charge of Your Hands, Neck and Décolleté 

For every challenge, there is – most definitely – a solution. And if there is an area of ageing skin bugging you, take remorse out of the picture, and focus on proactive treatment instead. Your hands look 57 while your face says 39? Try injectables! Hand rejuvenation therapies can mean as little as a few cleverly placed nips from your medical aesthetic doctor. Take dermal volumisers; this type of treatment not only replaces volume but gets the production of new collagen going again. 


And that’s what you want for more youthful, healthy-looking skin. It’s the same with Laser Genesis and Carboxytherapy for neck and décolleté treatment. Both are targeted ways to get your collagen production ramped up once more. Laser Genesis will help tighten skin and reduce redness, while Carboxytherapy will work brilliantly on skin texture, pushing that glow you may have been missing. 


Time of Life: The Body’s Signals for a Health Check Up

What other body issues are you fighting? As we age – unfortunately – difficult to deal with health challenges crop up, reminding us of the decade ahead. Arthritis? Hair loss? Both are very common as birthdays go by. Though, the physical and emotional side effects may be more tricky to deal with. And that’s where an expert healthcare professional is gold at helping diagnose any underlying problems. And then mapping out a treatment plan. Did you know that effective anti-ageing solutions for your skin, like Dermapen, also take charge of hair loss? Hormonal balancing, thyroid regulation and checking you’re on the right combo of neutraceuticals is also an intelligent way to treat the issue holistically. 


As for arthritis, it’s firstly imperative to understand your type. Rheumatoid arthritis primarily affects the hands and wrists, but you can also feel it in other joints like your feet, ankles, elbows, and neck. Again, the approach to treatment needs to be 360 degrees. This inflammatory disease can be supported by medical ozone therapy, supplements like omega 3 essential fatty acids, and a good multivitamin and mineral. Also, talk to your doctor about osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, poor healing rates can make it hard to manage, so if you suspect arthritis of any kind, have that chat. 


There’s no need to feel deflated about age and how your body responds. The signs show up in everyone, but the treatment is there for everyone, no matter the condition. We live in a time of amazing innovation for a beautiful and healthy life regardless of age. It’s a question of staying honest about challenges and setting goals. Good things happen, so here’s to your body and its journey ahead. 


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