Good News About Cellulite Treatment: Stop Worrying and Take Action!

Good News About Cellulite Treatment: Stop Worrying and Take Action!

What’s not to love about being a woman? Your inner circle, personal growth, and relationships; it’s good stuff, right? Well, only sometimes. But that’s life. And so is cellulite. It’s a fait accompli for many of us. Up to 90 percent of women, in fact. And even ten percent of men. So, while that “orange peel” look may make you feel particularly body conscious, know you’re not alone. Stages (grades) of cellulite mean not all lumps and bumps are equal, and making an impact often means tackling it as early as possible. Ready? Say, hello cellulite treatment. Let’s go! 


Got Cellulite? Here’s Some Good News About Cellulite Treatment

First up, you’re not alone. And while you may think yours looks unsightly, using a grading system determines where you are on your cellulite journey. But why has cellulite even taken up space on your thighs in the first place? Thanks to your hormones, poor circulation, diet, changes in metabolism and even stress (and vices like smoking), those ripples make otherwise smooth skin problematic. And how do you avoid stress in these mad, bad times? 


Cellulite isn’t something you can Yoga pose away (although exercise is always a good idea), so understanding what grade your “orange peel” is at is a great place to start. When at Grade 1, you won’t see it just eyeballing your skin; it’s there under a microscope. At Grade 2, there’s still no “orange peel” look; just a paleness to skin and less bounce back after you’ve squeezed those glutes. Grades 3 and 4 are where the dimples show, with the latter actually feeling painful and always noticeable. So where’s the good news if you permanently hide your curves at the pool? That’s where resistant fat-shifting treatments like mesotherapy and more come in. 


What Worry? Your Action Plan For Smooth Curves 

Remember the 90’s when our mamas’ – and yes, maybe us too – were rubbing coffee grinds into our thighs? Were we trying to scrub away the cellulite? Yes, getting your circulation up and running with products designed for stimulation is known to be very useful, but treatment combining will take cellulite therapy to the next level. Carboxytherapy is a hard worker, and doctors many of the issues that are to blame for cellulite; poor circulation, toxin buildup, fatty deposits and slackened skin. A collagen booster, it can be teamed with ENDYMED Contour for further skin tightening and contouring your curves. 


Remember, when deciding on a selection of treatments, it’s a deal-breaker not to work with a highly skilled medical aesthetic expert. They will know which approach will help you reach your body goal and how to tweak things for your skin concerns. And that means underlying health issues too. Worried about those hormones? We love to moan about cellulite, but it sometimes tells us something about our hormonal state. High oestrogen levels (oestrogen dominance) often show up as cellulite. 


Sure, cellulite treatment isn’t about miracles and magic. But being a woman is knowing all about work, right? If you’re ready to step it up – and we’re so there for you – tackling orange peel is easier than you think, and it’s a case of thinking treatment over trick and showing up for yourself. You got this! 



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