Skin Tightening, how to firm and tone the skin after weight loss

Skin Tightening, how to firm and tone the skin after weight loss

Skin tightening does not need to be a threatening subject. In fact, many of us struggle with loose flabby skin in some area or another. What is important is determining whether or not you want to choose the natural, non-surgical or surgical route.


Skin tightening why do we need it?

Usually, after drastic diets or losing a large amount of weight,  the skin becomes lax, crepey and rather unsightly. It also makes achieving the perfect silhouette seem like an unattainable goal. From wobbly skin under the arms to the hanging pouch around the belly area, loose skin can pose an embarrassing problem, often causing more shame than being overweight.


Skin tightening treatment options available

1. Natural treatment options

Dry body brushing – this is a popular treatment option when it comes to tightening up the skin and improving the skin’s elasticity naturally.

Moisturise your skin – in order for the skin to maintain its elasticity the skin needs to stay elastic and pliable. As a result, cosmeceutical-grade topical creams are vital to ensure an active protective lipid barrier for the skin. We recommend Lamelle Serra Soothing Body Lotion.

Nourish your skin -Two important components for keeping skin soft and elastic are collagen and elastin. These are both types of protein. You can help your body build more of these by eating foods high in protein. Examples of protein-rich foods include meat, legumes, nuts and cottage cheese.

2. Non-Surgical Treatment Options
Exilis Elite – For tightening and removal of fatty deposits
Titan – For a deep tissue thermal tightening
– The 4D Body Lift – the ultimate ‘Body Shaping’ treatment program. It is a series of carefully planned treatments which target your body’s imperfections on multiple levels.

3. When to Consider Surgery
Skin can only be stretched so far before it loses some of its ability to return to its original shape. If you have carried more than 50kg’s for many years, you may have to resort to plastic surgery to tighten and lift loose skin. This fix should only be used in extreme cases and under the advice of a medical practitioner.


In Conclusion

No matter what you are looking for there is a solution to suit your needs. When it comes to professional treatments always ensure you seek help from a qualified and reputable professional.


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