Body contouring vs weight Loss: What’s the difference with treatments?

Body contouring vs weight Loss: What’s the difference with treatments?

Most people want to look slim and trim, and we can help you achieve your goal. Whether it’s to drop a dress size or body contouring. We are here to help you get rid of that annoying roll of fat bulging over your bra’s back band. Thing is, you need to know which treatments can help you best and have realistic expectations.


To help you out, let’s start with the basics. If you’re already at your ideal weight and just have a few centimetres to lose or a stubborn fatty area that doesn’t seem to budge, regardless of how much you exercise or diet, then you’d be a great candidate for body contouring. If you’re not at your ideal weight, then we’ll address that first by putting you on our incredibly successful eating plan, the Renewal Institute Diet (RID Diet). Once you’ve reached your goal weight, you can then make a few final tweaks, should they be needed, via body contouring.


A bit about body contouring

Body contouring involves using one or more different non-invasive treatments that are very good at shifting a small amount of fat in very targeted areas. They’re ideal to help you shave off those last few centimetres or blitz that tricky area, be it the inside of your knees or a tiny muffin top.


At Body Renewal, we have a number of treatments that can help you refine your figure and these range from laser treatments like i-Lipo Ultra and Exilis Elite to injectable ones like carboxytherapy and Lipodissolve. While some of our treatments will permanently destroy your fat cells, others will shrink or drain them. Then there are treatments that don’t work on your fat cells as much as they do the surrounding tissues. These treatments play a role in how you look. For example, endermologie LPG  massages and manipulates your connecting tissues to increase blood flow, improve lymphatic drainage and encourage a better quality of collagen and elastin. This works together to make a dramatic improvement in the appearance of cellulite.


Speaking of working together, we’ve come to realise that, if you’re after superior results, most conditions are best tackled via a multi-pronged approach. This is why we’ve created an array of  Fat, Cellulite & Skin Tightening Solutions of two or more treatments that enhance each other’s effects. We’ve also tiered them to suit the severity of your condition as well as your budget.


Body contouring put simply

In other words, if you’ve just got a few centimetres to lose but want to get rid of them fast, you’d benefit from our Mini Body Fat, Cellulite and Tightening Solution. This package involves an i-Lipo Ultra treatment as well as an endermologie session. I-Lipo Ultra involves using a low dose of light to drain your fat cells in a way that emulates natural weight loss. The fat cells’ contents move into your body’s lymphatic system.  They are later burned up as energy when you do a 30-minute cardio session post-treatment. If, however, you didn’t just want to target fat, but also improve the look of cellulite.


Then you could try our more intensive Executive Body Fat, Cellulite and Tightening Solution. In addition to what’s included in the Mini, it also makes use of carboxytherapy and a monopolar radiofrequency treatment. Carboxytherapy involves injecting CO2 gas into the skin to break up fat cells and improve circulation and lymph drainage. It is these technologies that reduce the orange peel appearance of cellulite. Monopolar radiofrequency treatments include laser treatments like Exilis Elite which tightens loose skin and melts away fat.


Weight loss that works

Like we said, if you’re not close to your ideal weight, you won’t get the results you want with body contouring until you lose the necessary kilograms. If you’ve tried and failed to shift the weight on your own, there’s a good chance something else is interfering.  You can be struggling from the condition that affects most of those who just can’t seem to make the figure on the scale go down – insulin resistance.


To explain, insulin resistance is a condition in which your body stops listening to the message carried by insulin. This hormone performs several jobs but one of them is to tell the sugar in your bloodstream to move into your cells. It’s here where they get burned up as energy. When you’re insulin resistant, your sugar doesn’t get the message, so it doesn’t leave your bloodstream. It just lingers around before being converted into abnormal fat. This fat is the type that likes to take prime position on your belly, bum and thighs.


Weight loss winners

This is why our highly successfully eating plan, the RID Diet, is low GI. If your body isn’t getting sugar for energy, it’s forced to burn up the next best thing – your body fat. Also, if you continue to eat according to a low GI plan, your body eventually becomes reconditioned. It becomes more sensitive to insulin’s instructions. But that’s not all. What makes the RID Diet so much more than just a diet is the fact that it’s also enhanced by supplements and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) injections. The supplements ensure you’re getting everything you need. While the hCG injections reduce food cravings, speed up your metabolism and encourage the loss of fat instead of muscle.


Lastly, another thing that sets our RID Diet apart from the rest is the fact that you’re not doing it on your own. You have the support of a highly-skilled team. One of our doctors will ensure you’re a good candidate for bthe program.  They will diagnose and address conditions that are causing your weight gain, while a nurse performs regular tests to track your progress. Our aim is to assist and coach you on bettering your health.


Once commited to the program, women can lose between 5 to 6kg a month. Men can lose even more – between 7 and 8kg a month!


The bottom line

Should you want to slim down for summer, but you aren’t close to your goal weight, make an appointment and get you started on our RID diet. The results can be life-changing.


If you’ve already reached your ideal weight but would like to lose a few centimetres in a particular area or improve the look of cellulite, make an appointment.  Our highly skilled doctors, nurses and therapists will be able to assist. They will take into consideration the severity of your situation, consider your budget and suggest what would suit you best. Together, we can help you reveal a sleeker-looking silhouette!


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