TMJ Pain and More: The Truth About Grinding Your Teeth

TMJ Pain and More: The Truth About Grinding Your Teeth

What’s keeping you up at night? The last season of Yellowstone? Is your boyfriend snoring? Or maybe jaw pain. Next time you lie there at 2am reminding yourself to relax your jaw, think of the word Bruxism. It’s basically the cause of what you’re experiencing, which describes another science-y term, TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint Pain). Yikes! However, it’s more complex than it sounds. But get to grips with the condition, and you get the root of why gnashing those teeth constantly results in headaches, dental issues and other challenges.


Teeth Grinding: Your TMJ Pain Explained 

Whether you’re aware of teeth grinding or not, that’s where the problem starts – in other words, grating your teeth causes your jaw to clench. This may need to be diagnosed by a dentist, especially if your jaw is sore and you’re unaware of grinding. Particularly if it’s happening at night. It’s sleep that seems to be your Bruxism red zone. During your downtime, things heat up. Yes, even while having short naps. And causes the majority of health problems, and that’s because Bruxism is one the most frequent sleep disorders – and you thought just getting to sleep was the challenge! 


Think of Bruxism as a habitual behaviour; while some people may grind or chew (rhythmic), others clench (sustained). Or both! While all this movement is going on in your mouth, your jaw is getting tired, and the ouch factor is starting to creep in. Hello, pain. But luckily, there’s lots that can be done not just to soothe but also to relax those jaw muscles. 


The Truth About TMJ Treatment: Your Soothing Injectable Solution 

Ever thought of neurotoxins to relax more than the wrinkles on your forehead? That’s precisely what you may need – a giant dose of stress relief to conquer TMJ. And for that, using injectables like Neurotoxins means hitting the masseters (muscles that allow you to chew). Overuse these muscles – if you clench or grind your teeth – and they just get bigger. And stronger! Your jaw now not only can do more clenching and grinding but also starts to look different. In other words, more pronounced. 


So, not only do those muscles need some Zen, but actually need to be weakened so they’re not able to grind and clench away, causing you so much trouble. That’s where neurotoxins do the job perfectly as they treat the underlying cause; muscle tension. Relaxed jaw muscles mean less chance for wear and tear on teeth, jaw pain and those headaches that often follow. Result? Soothing the source of jaw strain and pressure. 


Experiencing pain has been known to trigger and flare other symptoms like stress and anxiety. In other words, pain in your body can make you feel worse mentally. Treating an ouch-factor and critically at the root cause takes a load off the mind and body. You’re a holistic system that works together, and care from top to toe means living your best life. 



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