Leaky Gut: How It Affects The Entire Body And Overall Health

Leaky Gut How It Affects The Entire Body And Overall Health

Leaky gut is growing a modern day epidemic. However, debates continue on the exact causes and cures. Studies show that there are two areas of concern which need to be addressed in regards to susceptibility to this gut condition.

Leaky gut and how it affects the body?

The body is affected through two channels, which lower its natural defences and makes it vulnerable to disease.

Antibiotics and the gut

Antibiotics damage the digestive system in two ways, firstly it destroys beneficial bacteria necessary for our immune system. There are over five hundred different kinds of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Bacteria with hundreds of functions. All necessary for a healthy metabolism and immune response. Regular consumption of antibiotics destroys these vital bacteria and because of the barrier destruction, it allows bile salts to enter and damage the large intestine. A dysfunctional intestinal barrier malfunctions by blocking nutrients, as a result of the damaged villi on the intestinal walls then permit toxins to enter the bloodstream.

Food allergies and the gut

Food allergies compromise the integrity of the intestinal barrier. A compromised barrier allows a through the flow of intestinal toxins. A strong wall will regulate the passing of digested nutrients into the small intestine, at the correct time. Exposure to a significant allergy can sabotage your treatment, always seek medical assistance. Treat the allergies, and related inflammation and good health are restored to a compromised intestinal barrier.

Leaky gut and how the body is affected by a seepage of toxins into the bloodstream:

– With the brain, you will notice mood changes depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

– On the skin changes like Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, and Psoriasis.

– In the joints, there will be discomfort, and joint pains caused, as well as conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

– When it comes to the sinuses and mouth, you will have more frequent colds and food sensitivities in the long term.

– In the colon, dysbiosis is experienced it is a disturbance in the ecology of the gut and it results in constipation, diarrhoea, and often IBD.

In conclusion, self-diagnosis is not recommended, always consult a medical practitioner. A functional medicine practitioner can do the necessary health assessment and tests to determine a leaky gut. They can also prescribe the best treatment options available.


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  1. Rabia Abdul Sathar

    Hi I thint I have all of the above symtoms and more,dealing with a leaking gut.

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Rabia

      Thank you for sharing, I would highly recommend visiting a functional medicine doctor in order to restore your gut to optimal health and prevent illness.

      Regards Heather


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