Hot-List Body Treatments: What Are You Waiting For? 

Hot-List Body Treatments: What Are You Waiting For?

It’s officially December, and the swimming cossies are out! While your personal trainer is working overtime with you, perhaps there’s something you’d like to hone with the innovation of modern treatments? Sweating your way to a gorgeous silhouette keeps you healthy (and happy), but we all need some downtime. And, with non-invasive aesthetic medicine, it’s downtime in the clinic, but that’s kind of it. That sounds like the perfect combo, right? Time to make that hot-list!

Body Treatments You’ve Been Waiting For The Big Shape Up

The beauty of aesthetic medicine for the body is that it’s all about choice. Your bestie might be into yoga and intermittent fasting. Still, you might prefer browsing the treatment menu with advice from an expert doctor. It’s all about what you decide. If you desire hot-list body treatments, do start with your key goals. Are you wanting to zap resistant fat, smooth cellulite, improve rough texture, and lessen the look of stretch marks

All can be worked with clever tech – and some issues can be dealt with in one type of treatment! Good news for you, your budget and your body. But results are what you’re ultimately seeking, so be honest about what you really want and know that some things may require more than just a session or two and more than one type of treatment. 

Hot-List Happiness: Treatments for The Curves Your Crave

So, what’s the buzz? Or, rather, what’s the best tech that’s going to give your body the best outcome? 

Traditional surgeries like liposuction are tempting. Bumps today, gone tomorrow. However, the risks may be off-putting. Cryolipo Fat Freezing, a safer liposuction alternative, is a match for those wanting to target pockets of resistant fat. A body contouring treatment, it’s a remodelling therapy through the gradual removal of fat cells. Think of it as freezing fatty cells into crystals, which the body naturally takes away and out of your system over time. Another treatment that uses temperature to shape your silhouette is Endymed Contour

This time it’s volumetric heating that’s helping to target fat cells. And the tech behind it means it’s more than just that. A controlled pulsed vacuum works on the appearance of cellulite while tightening and contouring your curves. All this while zoning in on those fatting bits you may want to contour. Sound like your tick box for those beach days ahead? Also, consider Carboxytherapy

It works on three conditions many find difficult to shift; stretch marks, cellulite and resistant fat. A gas that breaks up fatty deposits, it makes sense why it’s a cellulite solution – and also good at targeting areas like love handles and bra bulges. And because it can improve the collagen content in skin, it helps rebuild it, working at the look and feel of stretch marks. 


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